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FELDER FORMAT-4 TEMPORA F800 60.12 E-motion Edgebander
FELDER D 951 Thicknesser
Spain, 20749 Zestoa
FELDER D 951 Thicknesser
FELDER FB 710 Vertical band saw machine
FELDER K700S Sliding Table Saw
Romania, 545500 Sovata
FELDER K700S Sliding Table Saw

FELDER is an internationally renowned manufacturer of woodworking and metalworking machinery, but it started life in a small workshop within the home of its founders' parents. After a few years of steady growth, the company made a major breakthrough with its BU 4 combination machine. The first FELDER milling centre was acquired in 1965, and the company has been innovating in the field of woodworking machinery production ever since.

FELDER has more than 60 years of experience in engineering efficient and highly accurate woodworking machines. The company's portfolio now includes 90 different models in a range of performance and price categories, and there are 250 sales and service centres spread across the world. FELDER has a tradition of innovation, but it is a brand that is always striving for perfection. The company's woodworking machines are synonymous with cutting-edge technology. The FELDER, FORMAT-4 and HAMMER brands are now relied upon around the world to fulfil the exacting requirements of workshops and manufacturing businesses of all types and sizes.

FELDER sliding table saws

A FELDER sliding table saw can be relied upon to deliver reliable and accurate results every time. The FELDER K 700 S, for instance, is a robust, hardwearing machine that delivers a cutting length of between 2500mm and 3700mm. It has an X-roll table with a cutting height of 104mm, a rip capacity of up to 1250mm and an optional Power-Drive control system. A more affordable option is the FELDER K500P, which is similar to the K700 but has no Power-Drive option.

FELDER planers and thicknessers

Planers and thicknessers from FELDER offer self-aligning tables, a generous table length and a range of additional features designed to make these vital woodworking processes faster and more accurate. For the largest planing width, choose the FELDER D 963 thicknesser, which offers a maximum planing width of 650mm, a table length of up to 1650mm and a thicknessing height of between 3mm and 300mm. Entry level planer options include the A 951 L and A 941 models. There are some highly capable planer-thicknesser combination machines available from this manufacturer too, including the FELDER AD 741. This powerful planer-thicknesser features thicknessing table control with an optional Power-Drive and a Silent-POWER spiral cutterblock.

FELDER spindle moulders

A FELDER spindle moulder is known for its reliability, efficiency and its selection of cutting-edge user features. They have a quick-change spindle system as standard, and are available with a range of table sizes and openings. The FELDER F 900 Z, for instance, has a spindle fence of 230mm for maximum tooling diameter. There is also an option for an infinitely variable speed of between 1500 and 10000 rpm.

More affordable models in the range include the FELDER F 500 M, the F 700 Z and the F 700 M. You will also find some exceptional saw/spindle combination machines from this manufacturer, including the FELDER KF700S, which offers a cutting length of between 2500mm and 3700mm.

FELDER combination machines

FELDER is known around the world for its highly dependable and versatile 5-function combination machines. These advanced woodworking systems plane, cut, mould and drill, and they move between all of these processes seamlessly. The entry-level combination machine is the FELDER CF 531, which can be bought with an optional horizontal mortiser and MF moulder spindle system. For a machine that does everything, you should turn to the FELDER CF 741 S Professional, which offers a planing width of 410mm and a cutting length of 2500mm to 3200mm.

FELDER edgebanders

Edgebanding is an essential part of modern furniture production, and a FELDER edgebanders can be relied upon to deliver speed and accuracy every time. For small workshops, the ERM 1050 is a great entry-level option. The next step up is the ForKa ECO, the ForKa 300 and the G 220. Older, discontinued edgebanders include the FELDER G200 and G300, which have both been superseded by newer models. The G 670 and G 680 models are the most powerful and capable in their class. Both offer tool-free changing of the glue pot, complete edge machining and an automated quick-set system.

FELDER sanders

FELDER designs and engineers a selection of wide belt sanders, edge sanders and stroke sanders. The most capable of the company's wide belt sanders is the FELDER FW 1102 Perform, which offers variable feed speeds, a fine sanding unit and contact roller aggregate. The entry-level option is the FW 950 Classic, which lacks the features of the FW 1102, but possesses the same level of accuracy. If you're in search of a reliable belt sander, the FELDER FS 722 is a great option. The FS 900 K is an edge sander with a feed speed of 11 m/s, a sanding belt width of 150mm and a sanding height of 150mm.

FELDER brushing machines

The only FELDER brushing machine in production at present is the Structura 60.12. This high-precision machine has a brush height of between 3mm and 200mm and a brush width of 650mm. It delivers a maximum feed speed of 1500 rpm.

FELDER bandsaws

A FELDER bandsaw can be relied upon to deliver cuts of the highest accuracy. The company's machines are used in some of the largest and most prestigious woodworking plants in the world. A great entry-level option is the FELDER FB 510, which has a cutting speed of 1100m per minute and a rip capacity of 480mm. This particular bandsaw is also available with an optional X-Life ceramic blade.

For a heavy duty option capable of processing large workpieces quickly, the FELDER FB 940 RS is a great choice. Its fly wheel has a diameter of 940mm, and its cutting height is an impressive 550mm. With a cutting speed of 1950m per minute and a table size of 860mm x 1100mm, the FB 940 RS is capable of almost any sawing job. Other models in the range include the FB 740 RS, the FB 840 and the FB 640.

FELDER drilling machines

The most popular FELDER boring machine in production right now is the FD 21 Professional, which is a dowel boring system with a mortising depth of 70mm. The machine has a control unit, a clamping range of 55mm and a table size of 900mm x 380mm. If you're looking for a mortiser, the FELDER FD 250 has everything you could possible need. A single-hand lever operation and a clamping range of 130mm makes essential woodworking tasks quick and highly accurate.

FELDER presses

The only FELDER press in production right now is the FELDER MVP 300. Robust, hard-wearing and reliable, this powerful press delivers 9000kg per square metre for a professional result every time. The MVP 300 can process every conceivable form with 700% cured rubber elasticity.

FELDER is a prolific manufacturer of woodworking machinery, and it is continually improving and upgrading its technologies. As a result, it is relatively difficult to find used fender machinery for sale. While there are some FELDER spindle moulders available for around the 1000EUR mark, finding a used FELDER table saw is incredibly difficult. This innovative brand manufactures equipment that is always in high demand. So whether you're looking for a used FELDER K700S for sale or one of CHIRON’s exceptional combination machines, it is very likely that the used machinery marketplace has exactly what you are looking for.