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HAEUSLER AG - Used machinery at Surplex


  2. The History of HAEUSLER
  3. Products from HAEUSLER
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: HAEUSLER
  • Founded in: 1936
  • Headquarters: Switzerland
  • Sector: Industrial machinery
  • Website:


HAEUSLER group is a dominant force in metal processing industry and the company has been in existence for more than 75 years. This experience has enabled the organization to push the boundaries of technology to its customers who are geographically dispersed across the globe.

The History of HAEUSLER

The history of HAEUSLER starts in 1936. As Cristiano Häusler founded the company in Dormach, Switzerland. From then on, HAUESLER went through different phases. The first machine that was produced in 1952 and it was sent abroad. In 2007 HAEUSLER AG and HAEUSLER HERTEM merged together to create the company that exists today.

Currently HAEUSLER's main aim is to provide optimum weld alignment solutions that perfectly depicts with client business needs, and as a matter of fact, the business is able to maintain the robustness required to provide precise sheet bending solutions that meet customer demands.

Products from HAEUSLER

HAEUSLER boasts of a wide product portfolio and this includes the 4- roll plate bending machine type VRM- hy 4300 by 240 mm. This machine is universally usable. The 4 roll plate machine can be used to roll diverse shapes such as ovals, round boxes, tube segments, and roll tubes. Some of its basic operations include press bending in both even and uneven radii, cone bending, rounding sheets into cylindrical shapes, and pre-bending sheet edges. Some of the key advantages of installing the 4 roll plate include the ability to experience high torque drives on bottom and top rolls. The machine also requires very little foundation work during installation procedures. Other advantages of this particular product include the possibility to correct axial offsets, simplified cone bending procedure, secured rolling traction throughout the bending process, automated minimization of flat ends, and the work piece is only required to be aligned once during the onset of the bending process. The 4 roll plate bending machine comes with capabilities to support a bending capacity of up to 8000 mm during hot bending and a max of 300mm during cold bending.

Other products available include the section bending machine Type HPR 65 that is mainly used to manufacture flanges that require precise dimensions. There is also the roll bending machine type RMS 12200 X 32 CNC which is mainly used to produce 40 ft LSAW pipes and this particular product may produce up to 15 pipes within an hour.

The Company in Numbers

HAEUSLER Machine Company was founded way back in 1936 with a vision to provide state of the art plate and section bending machines. The company's headquarters is in Switzerland, and this is where most operations are carried out from. Some of the primary industries using HAEUSLER products include on & offshore gas drilling companies, aviation industry, power plants, steel construction, automotive industry, shipyard, tank construction, and tunnel & mining sector.

Used HAEUSLER Round Bending Machines
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