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HILTI TE 1500-AVR Demolition Hammer
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03/12/2018 11:43
HILTI SI100 Percussion Screwdriver
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  2. The History of HILTI
  3. Products from HILTI
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: HILTI
  • Employees: 22,000
  • Turnover: 4.2 million CHF
  • Headquarters: Liechtenstein
  • Website:


One of the most renowned manufacturers of hand tools is the Liechtensteiner corporation, HILTI. The company is most known for its electro pneumatic hammer drill, which is recognised by its characteristic red plastic cases worldwide. They are identified and known as being quality tools. In addition to robust hand tools, Hilti also produces in a number of other sectors; they are a specialist for, among other things, dowels and screws.

The History of HILTI

Hilti was founded in Liechtenstein on December 1, 1941 by the brothers Martin and Eugen Hilti. At first, this partnership was a valuable for the production of products for the war and German armaments industry. They were suppliers for, among other things, ROBERT BOSCH GmbH and MAYBACH-MOTORENBAU. After the end of the war the company landed great success in 1950 with their fastening systems. For the reconstruction of Germany, goods such as brackets, dowels and screws were very important. This made Germany the main export market for Hilti. The first product that gained international recognition was “Perfix”, which is a direct fastening device. Since then, fastening technology has been one of Hilti’s biggest revenue generators. Hilti brought shares onto the market in 1960 through their large success in the market of fastening technology. In 1967 the company started the production of electro-pneumatic hammer drills. This multi- patented product made it possible to produce precise holes in a wall made out of high- strength material, without requiring a high level of force from the operator.

Products from HILTI

Hilti operates in 15 different business areas. This includes fitting and fastening systems, construction machines in various forms, construction chemicals, mining technology, energy and solar technology and more. This company is also well known by the public for their hand tools, which are seen as particularly high-end tools. The pneumatic hammer drill is often called a “Hilti”, even when a hammer drill made by other producers is being used. These tools have been available with powerful batteries for a few years now, which increases the flexibility and work capability of these machines. Hilti provides a comprehensive guarantee and replacement service for its devices.

The Company in Numbers

Hilti reached a turnover of 4.2 million CHF in 2012, of which 193 million was incurred as net profit. With about 22,000 employees, Hilti is the biggest employer in Liechtenstein. 99% of their shares are owned by the Hilti family, who operate under the name Martin Hilti Family Trust.

Used HILTI Battery Drill Screw
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