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Used HOLZ-HER Machinery

Used Edgebanders, Belt Sanders 3 Items
HOLZHER 1486-360V Edgebander Edgebanders
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 7,000 x 1,100 x 1,800 mm
Year of manufacture 2002
Weight approx. 3,000 kg
Item available from Immediately
Delivery terms FCA Montelabbate (PU), loaded on truck
Montelabbate (PU) Italy, 61025 Montelabbate (PU)
16/06/2021 10:21
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5,000 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 2,000 x 800 x 800 mm
Weight approx. 200 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Talheim, loaded on truck
Talheim Germany, 74388 Talheim
22/07/2021 13:33
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50 €
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HOLZ-HER CONTRIGA 1368 Edgebander
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HOLZ-HER CONTRIGA 1368 Edgebander Edgebanders
Top lot
Top lot
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 10,000 x 2,400 x 2,500 mm
Year of manufacture 2008
Weight approx. 6,000 kg
Delivery terms FCA BREDA, loaded on truck
Security deposit Credit card required
BREDA Spain, 17400 BREDA
17/06/2021 11:37
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17,500 €
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  1. A cornerstone of a global group: HOLZ-HER
  2. HOLZ-HER woodworking machines
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    2. HOLZ-HER panel saws
    3. HOLZ-HER CNC machining centres
  3. HOLZ-HER panel storage systems
  4. Electrical hand-held tools by HOLZ-HER
  5. Used HOLZ-HER machines
  • Products: woodworking machinery
  • Part of WEINIG Group
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A cornerstone of a global group: HOLZ-HER

HOLZ-HER is a manufacturer of woodworking machinery and has a long and distinguished history. HOLZ-HER has been a successful manufacturer of power tools for many years in addition to their large range of cutting and gluing machines.

HOLZ-HER woodworking machines

HOLZ-HER machines are renowned for their lasting quality which makes older, used HOLZ-HER machines highly sought-after investment products. Today, HOLZ-HER is part of the WEINIG Group and concentrates on panel-dividing saws, CNC milling machines and glue-application machinery.

HOLZ-HER edgebanders


HOLZ-HER set itself the challenge to supply every type of edgebanding machine needed by companies of all sizes. The company’s range is thus very wide and incorporates entry-level machines, mid-sized all-rounders, and large-scale industrial machinery for serial production:


Serie LUMINA ACCURA Types 1375 1558 1380 1556 1584 1554 1586 1588
HOLZ-HER LUMINA 1586 Edgebander

The models of the LUMINA and ACCURA Series offer everything that could be needed for manufacturing large series of furniture panels and applying edging. Features such as very high levels of productivity and precision, consistent quality, and rapid production speed come as standard in these series. HOLZ-HER produces a total of eight models within these series.


Serie SPRINT AURIGA Types 1329 1308XL 1327 1308 HOLZ-HER SPRINT 1329 Edgebander

The AURIGA and SPRINT Series combine the features needed by modern carpentry workshops and manufacturing companies involved in serial production. With five models in the AURIGA Series and a further two models in the SPRINT Series, HOLZ-HER has a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance edgebanders within its mid-range offering.


Serie STREAMER UNO Types 1057XL 1302 1057 1054 1053
HOLZ-HER STREAMER 1054 Edgebander

The UNO and STREAMER Series are HOLZ-HER’s entry-level machines for edgebanding. The extremely compact UNO 1302 is designed for manual operation and can work on items up to 45-millimetres thick with an edge thickness of 3 millimetres. The STREAMER Series offers a range of four models, each more powerful than the last.

HOLZ-HER panel saws

HOLZ-HER supplies solutions for vertical and horizontal panel-cutting:


The SECTOR Series is the ideal solution for hardware stores and carpentry workshops which are short on space. The vertical positioning of the panel makes handling easy and clear to follow. The three SECTOR models are also very narrow in design. The SECTOR 1260 AUTOMATIC is especially innovative and features programmes to support the operator during vertical panel-cutting.

The following types are available:

  • SECTOR 1254
  • SECTOR 1255
  • SECTOR 1260 automatic


Serie TECTRA ZENTREX Types 6120 classic 6220 classic 6120 power 6220 power 6120 lift 6220 lift 6120 dynamic 6220 dynamic

Those wishing to perform horizontal panel-cutting can choose between the TECTRA and ZENTREX Series. The TECTRA models are the entry-level machines but even they feature a wide range of innovations to improve productivity and precision. The ZENTREX models are capable of producing even larger volumes, which makes them ideal for large-scale serial production. The TECTRA and ZENTREX Series include a total of eight different models.

HOLZ-HER CNC machining centres

HOLZ-HER is one of the few manufacturers to supply vertical CNC machining centres for solid materials and layered panels. Their machines are especially suited to continuous material throughput where the amount of material to be machined is not too extensive.

The three models from the EVOLUTION series

  • EVOLUTION 7405 4mat
  • EVOLUTION 7402
  • EVOLUTION 7401

The three models of the EVOLUTION Series are also highly regarded for their compact floor dimensions and ease of use.

The selection of up to 5 interpolating axes in the PRO-MASTER models, on the other hand, make them ideal for horizontal panel-cutting. These CNC-supported machines enable comprehensive machining while other production processes are running simultaneously. Machining lengths of up to seven metres are possible depending on the model.

Serie PRO-MASTER 70er PRO-MASTER 71er PRO-MASTER 72er Types 7018 premium 7125 7225 Black Matrix 7017 performance 7122 7225 7017 classic 7222

HOLZ-HER also supplies four series of machines for every conceivable nesting requirement. The most special feature of their DYNESTIC nesting equipment is their vacuum table, which reliably holds the workpiece in place until all the holes, slots and pockets have been created.

The following types are available:

  • DYNEYSTIC 7532
  • DYNEYSTIC 7507
  • DYNEYSTIC 7505

HOLZ-HER panel storage systems

HOLZ-HER’s innovative and fully-automated panel storage systems are the ideal addition to any fleet of machinery for serial production. Vacuum arms, automated conveying systems, turning stations and highly-efficient software controls ensure HOLZ-HER’s storage systems are the perfect solution for companies wishing to perform continual production.

Electrical hand-held tools by HOLZ-HER

Many are disappointed that HOLZ-HER decided to cease development of further electrical tools, however, with the wide range of competitors in mind, their plan to focus on their core skills is fully understandable.

Nevertheless, HOLZ-HER belt sanders, hand-held circular saws and jigsaws will be sorely missed within professional circles. HOLZ-HER chain mortisers were particularly popular in carpentry workshops, but these, too, are now only available second-hand. Fortunately, the manufacturer still provides comprehensive services and HOLZ-HER parts are easy to source.

Used HOLZ-HER machines

Despite the countless and varied products manufactured by the company over its life, HOLZ-HER’s main competence is edgebanding on chipboard.

It is the combination of a simple, modular design with high productivity and quality which makes HOLZ-HER machines so popular – even when second-hand. The majority of HOLZ-HER machines to be found on the market of used machinery are edgebanders from a variety of generations. For instance, machines made in the early 1980s are very favourably priced and can be acquired for as little as 1500 euros.

Once overhauled, used HOLZ-HER machines can perform all the tasks required of them by even the most demanding woodworking operations. The work table and housing in used HOLZ-HER machines are made from highly rigid steel and are generally free of any wear and tear. However, used HOLZ-HER edgebanders can be very soiled as would be expected from any machine of this type. The combined effect of adhesives and wood dust can result in a highly destructive plaque, which used to mean machines had to be put out of operation and a great number of edgebanders were scrapped prematurely. Nowadays, however, there is a solution which can tackle any level of dirt: dry-ice blasting can be used to make a used edgebander by HOLZ-HER completely clean and ready for overhauling within just a few short hours.

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