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KALTENBACH KKS 450 H Circular Metal Saw
KALTENBACH KK2 400 Metal cutting saw
KALTENBACH KKS 350 Metal underfloor circular saw
KALTENBACH SKL 400 aluminum cold circular saw
KALTENBACH KKS 350 cold circular saw
Germany, 46342 Velen-Ramsdorf

KALTENBACH KKS 350 cold circular saw

This German family company has been active in the metalworking sector for 130 years. The KALTENBACH Group has over 20 branch offices and 10 subsidiaries providing solutions for metal production, metal construction, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction, the steel trade, and vehicle construction.

KALTENBACH machines can be used in a huge variety of processes. The company produces coping robots, painting systems, welding robots, marking systems, punching and shearing systems, shotblast systems, bandsawing machines and circular sawing machines. KALTENBACH provides technical services including original replacement parts and tools.

KALTENBACH coping robots

The KALTENBACH KC 1201 gas cutting robot offers top-level coping, which is a technique for shaping the of a moulding/frame component to neatly fit the contours of an adjoining piece. This robust coping robot guarantees consistently high quality even in complex cutting procedures. Entering data is simple and requires no programming knowledge. Machining simulation and collision control ensure trouble-free operation.


The company is primarily known for its high-quality, powerful sawing machines used in metalworking applications. The KALTENBACH saw range consists of bandsawing machines and circular saws.

KALTENBACH bandsawing machines

A total of ten bandsawing machines are produced by KALTENBACH for the metalworking sector. The machines can be found in the KALTENBACH "KBS" range and are primarily designed for processing light- and medium-weight steel. See below for an overview of key features.

Area of application Light- to medium-weight steel Structural steel profiles Medium- to heavy-duty steel Types KBS 400 DG KBS 761 DG KBS 1301 DG KBS 400 DG NA KBS 1051 DG KBS 2101 DG KBS 620 DG KBS 750 DG KBS 750 DG NA KBS 1010 DG Working range (in mm) 90° 90° 90° 400 x 350 - 1000 x 500 750 x 500 - 1030 x 500 1300 x 700 - 2100 x 800 Sawband inclination 3 ° 1,5 - 10 ° 2,5 - 4 °

Below is a list of abbreviations used for additional equipment:

  • DG = Mitre unit equipped
  • NA = Feed control unit equipped

KALTENBACH circular saws

KALTENBACH circular saws comprise the following series:


Below is an overview of key technical features for KALTENBACH circular sawing machines:

Series TL-Series SKL-Series KKS-Series HDM-Series Types TL 250 SKL 450 E KKS 400 E HDM 1432 TL 350 SKL 450 H KKS 400 H TL 450 SKL 450 NA KKS 400 T KKS 400 NA KKS 450 R KKS 401 NA KKS 450 E KKS 450 H KKS 451 NA KKS 463 NA Max. diameter 75 - 140 mm 130 - 160 mm 130 - 153 mm Max. saw blade diameter 250 - 450 mm 450 mm 450 - 460 mm

The circular saws of the TL Series, including the KALTENBACH TL 250 and TL 350, are manual saws suitable for use on non-ferrous metals. The devices in the SKL range are fully- and semi-automatic mitre saws and are also used to process non-ferrous metals. Most of the company’s circular saws are in the KALTENBACH KKS Series, which encompasses fully-automatic universal saws (such as the KKS 400 E, KKS 400 H and KKS 400 NA) as well as semi-automatic mitre saws (including the KKS 350). There are also KALTENBACH cold saws, such as the KKS 370, which uses a toothed blade to dissipate the heat generated by cutting to the chips, thereby enabling both the blade and material being cut to remain cool.

High-performance KALTENBACH HDM 1432 and KALTENBACH HDM 800 circular sawing machines are widely used in heavy-steel processing and trading. The HDM 800 is no longer produced but can be found on the second-hand market.

KALTENBACH plate cutting and drilling centres

The company produces four plate cutting/drilling centres which are grouped together in the KALTENBACH KF Series.

  • KALTENBACH KF 2114/ 28
  • KALTENBACH KF 2614/ 28
  • KALTENBACH KF 3114/ 28

The machines are classified according to maximum working range, which lies between 1600 x 6000 mm in the smallest model and 3100 x 6000 mm in the top model. All the machines are also available in an expanded version enabling plates measuring up to 12000 mm in length to be processed. A 14-slot tool changer comes as standard offering tools for drilling, burning, creation of contours, marking, milling, tap-drilling and levelling without requiring lengthy tool set-up times.

KALTENBACH painting systems

KALTENBACH’s painting system range includes seven machines. Painting and drying in a single package – the models in the KPC range are fitted with between 4 and 12 spray guns to enable a range of painting applications. The KTC Series can be equipped with 12 – 24 spray guns and are used as final-painting systems for customised steel profiles and steel constructions. The capacity range of the machines lies between 1500 mm in the KPC 1512 and 3000 mm in the KTC 3012.

KALTENBACH profile drilling machines

Six profile drilling machines and one high-performance processing centre are available from KALTENBACH. The drilling machines offer space for 3, 15 or 18 tools, while the BAZ KDH 1060 can be equipped with up to 60. KALTENBACH drills are used to process steel construction profiles, heavy-duty steelwork and are prevalent in the steel-trading sector.

The company’s drilling machine range offers a selection of capacity ranges that are as varied as their other lines. The KDE 603 features a range of 600 x 500 mm, while the top model can process workpieces with surfaces of up to 2100 x 700 mm.

Below is an overview of the available models:

Series KDE KDM KDL KDH Types KDE 603 KDM 615 KDL 1318 KDH 1030 KDE 1003 KDM 1015 KDL 2118 KDH 1060

KALTENBACH welding robots

Steel Beam Assembly (SBA) is the description given to KALTENBACH’s welding robots. Their steel beam assemblers feature fully-automated controls and can operate error-free. The production data are imported directly from any standard CAS system, transferred by the software solution "pro-FIT", and then executed by the SBA welding robots. The SBA offers a huge range of production applications and can process batches of any size starting from a single unit.

KALTENBACH punching and shearing systems

The two machines of the KALTENBACH KPS-A Series are powerful punching/shearing machines for angle steel. The working range on angle material on the KPS-A 167 is 160 x 160 x 20 mm, which is smaller than that of the KPS-A 207. THE KPS-A 207 machine is designed for angle materials measuring 200 x 200 x 25 mm. Both machines come equipped with 2 x 3 punching tools/2 x 3 dies, automated material thickness measuring, and a marking unit with triple marking wheel. The KPS-A 207 features an impressive double-cut shearing unit and the KALTENBACH KPS-A 167 comes equipped with a single shearing unit, but this contains several shear blades.

KALTENBACH shotblast systems

Series Sprint Marathon Triathlon KDH Types Sprint 1504 Marathon A1506 Triathlon A1508 KDH 1030 Sprint 1506 Marathon A2506 Triathlon A3010 KDH 1060 Sprint 2506 Marathon A3008 Triathlon A3010HD Sprint A3008 Marathon A4008

Sprint, Marathon and Triathlon - these are the athletic-sounding names given to KALTENBACH’s shotblast systems.

The economical 1504, 1506, 2506 and A3008 models of the Sprint Series offer an optimal cleaning effect using a range of turbines, which differ in number depending on model (between four and eight). The four A1506, A2506, A3008 and A4008 models of the Marathon Series are designed for continual use. The A1506 and A2506 models have six turbines, which they use to blast abrasives at rough surfaces.

The Triathlon A1508, A3010 and A3010HD models are large-scale shotblasting plants for steel constructions.

The high quality and prevalence of KALTENBACH machines mean they can be found in large numbers on the used machinery market. The most popular used device is the KKS 400 Series, which is mostly used for individual cuts and small-series processing. In addition to its impressive technical features, the small footprint of this device makes it an ideal investment.

A quick search online for KALTENBACH used machines will frequently feature the TL Series – manual mitre saws for non-ferrous metals. The prices for used KALTENBACH saws can vary widely and depend on the condition and construction year of the machine.