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Used KASTO Machinery

Used Hacksaws, Metal Horizontal Band Saws, Metal Saws 8 Machines
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 3,200 x 2,200 x 2,500 mm
Year of manufacture: 1997
Weight approx.: 3,400 kg
Machine available from: immediately
Delivery terms: FCA Weilheim Teck, loaded on truck
Weilheim Teck Germany, 73235 Weilheim Teck
23/06/2020 15:22
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2,050 x 2,030 x 1,300 mm
Year of manufacture: 1989
Weight approx.: 1,140 kg
Machine available from: immediately
Delivery terms: FCA, loaded on truck
region Val-d'Oise France, region Val-d'Oise
15/06/2020 11:27
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1,500 x 2,300 x 1,000 mm
Year of manufacture: 1990
Weight approx.: 1,500 kg
Machine available from: immediately
Delivery terms: FCA Wittnau, free on truck
Wittnau Switzerland, 5064 Wittnau
09/06/2020 09:13
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1,200 x 800 x 1,200 mm
Year of manufacture: 1995
Weight approx.: 170 kg
Machine available from: immediatly
Delivery terms: FCA La Chaux-de-Fonds, loaded on truck
La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
18/06/2020 12:58
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KASTO VBS 242 Hacksaw
ends today!
KASTO VBS 242 Hacksaw Hacksaws
Hot lot
Hot lot
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1,200 x 800 x 1,400 mm
Year of manufacture: 1970
Weight approx.: 350 kg
Machine available from: immediately
Delivery terms: FCA Ronnenberg, loaded on truck
Ronnenberg Germany, 30952 Ronnenberg
04/06/2020 10:13
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KASTO PSB 260 AU Automatic Hacksaw
ends today!
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 3,000 x 2,000 x 1,600 mm
Weight approx.: 2,000 kg
Machine available from: immediately
Delivery terms: FCA Schwäbisch Gmünd, free on truck
Schwäbisch Gmü… Germany, 73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd
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KASTO PBA 460 AU Automatic horizontal band saw
ends today!
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 2,800 x 2,700 x 2,000 mm
Weight approx.: 2,200 kg
Machine available from: immediately
Delivery terms: FCA, loaded on truck
region Nord France, region Nord
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KASTO DISC U7 Semi-Automatic Chainsaw
ends today!
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 450 x 800 x 1,700 mm
Year of manufacture: 2002
Weight approx.: 300 kg
Machine available from: immediately
Delivery terms: FCA, loaded on truck
region Nord France, region Nord
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Logo KASTO Maschinenbau Logo
  • Founded: 1844
  • Founder: Karl Stolzer
  • Headquarters: Achern
  • Employees: > 700
  • Range of services: Saws, storage technology, systems, servicing
  • Website:

KASTO Maschinenbau

KASTO Maschinenbau, based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is a traditional firm with a company history of over 150 years.

Their core business is the manufacture of industrial machinery and this has been their main area of focus since their inception. Slow but steady growth has today made the company one of the most important manufacturers of large-scale industrial saws.

The company also produces very interesting solutions in the field of storage technology.

KASTO saws

Bandsaw KASTO win Pro AC 5.6

KASTO produces bandsaws, hacksaws and circular saws for metalworking in all its varieties. If a device can saw into metals, it can also be used to divide up other materials – this is why KASTO saws are used so universally. The company focusses on manufacturing large-scale equipment and its bandsaw range features especially interesting products. It also includes small- and mid-sized saws.

KASTO guarantees its saws can divide any material down to the nearest millimetre. There are also countless comfort functions, which enable the serial processing of semi-finished products. Consistent quality, highly accurate dimensions and clean cut edges are the main focus areas in development. Rapidity and intelligent placement systems also ensure efficient production.

KASTO bandsaws

KASTO offers a huge selection of bandsaws. The 50 different types are spread across 17 model series.

Bandsaw KASTO HBA 10x12

See below for an overview of the current product range

Series KASTO BBS KASTO bloc KASTO cross KASTO cut

The bbs series is a highly efficient, complete solution that is integrated into the machinery for placement and intermediate storage. Eleven models within the KASTO bbs Series feature a cutting width of between 420 and 720 millimetres.

The KASTO bloc is a solution, which has been developed for processing cutting remnants and chips.

The efficient processing of panels is the main strength of the KASTO cross Series. Featuring eight models, the series features a cutting surface of 410 x 1270 millimetres up to 660 x 2560 millimetres.

The main strength of the cut Series is the semi-automated processing of large cross-sections. There are three machines in total, which can process semi-finished products with maximum dimensions of 520 x 320 mm.

bbs A 3x20 bloc A 5 cross A 4x12 cut DU 4 bbs A 4x16 bloc U 5 cross A 6x16 cut GE 4 bbs U 10 cross A 6x20 cut GU 4 bbs U 12x15 cross A 6x25 bbs U 18x15 cross U 4x12 bbs U 3x20 cross U 6x16 bbs U 4x16 cross U 6x20 bbs U 5x10 cross U 6x25 bbs U 6x16 bbs U 8x10 bbs U 8x20 Series functional hba maxcut micut

The compact KASTO functional A is an automated hydraulic bandsaw with a cutting range of 300 x 260 millimetres. A semi-automated version of the KASTO functional A is also available.

Fully-hydraulic, high-performance bandsaws can be found in the hba Series. They are easy to use, efficient and enable high repeat accuracy in the processing of heavy and solid semi-finished products. The maximum dimensions of semi-finished products which can be processed on the six hba machines are 1320 x 1720 millimetres.

The strength of the KASTO maxcut AM 8x22 is the quick and precise processing of large materials. They can process cross-sections with dimensions of 800 x 220 millimetres, even if it is a solid material. There is a total of five machines in the maxcut Series.

The micut Series features universal bandsaws for workshop use. They operate semi-automatically and are very compact.

functional A hba A 10x12 maxcut A 10x16 micut A 2.6 functional U hba A 13 maxcut A 16 micut E 2.6 hba A 13x17 maxcut A 16x20 micut P 2.6 hba U 10x12 maxcut A 20 micut U 2.6 hba U 13 maxcut AM 8x22 hba U 13x17 Series plate pos practical ssb

The processing of plate materials using the long-cut method is the main strength of the plate Series. There are two models available.

The pos Series features the GA 4 – a universal, fully-automated bandsaw.

The two mitre-cutting band sawing machines of the practical Series are the smallest universal bandsaws produced by KASTO.

Highly efficient, precise and easy to use – the KASTO solution for small cross-sections. The ssb A2 enables the precise processing of entire bundles of full profiles.

plate A 3 pos GA 4 practical E 2 ssb A 2 plate U 3 practical U 2 Series tec twin vertical verto

The tec Series features high-performance, automated bandsaws capable of cutting ranges up to 830 x 1100 millimetres. There is a total of eight machines in the TEC Series.

The twin is an especially robust universal bandsaw used for semi-automated operation.

The semi-automatic, compact KASTO vertical is a classic workshop machine for vertically cutting solid materials with thicknesses of up to 600 millimetres.

The verto A2 is the cost-effective, compact solution for processing individual rod profiles.

tec A 4 twin U 4 vertical verto A 2 tec A 5 vertical M tec A 8 tec A 8x10 tec AM 4 tec AM 5 tec AM 8 tec F 4 tec F 5 tec U 4 tec U 5 Series win

The WIN series features automated bandsaws for the serial processing of solid materials and profiles. For tube materials, the company supplies a specialist device – the WIN TUBE. There are nine machines in the WIN Series from which to choose.

win A 10.6 win A 3.3 win A 4.6 win A 5.6 win A 8.6 win F 10.6 mit Tisch win pro A 5.6 win tube A 5.0

KASTO hacksaws

Hacksaw KASTO HBS 1

KASTO’s selection of hacksaws is far more restricted than their other product areas. The KASTO HBS and KASTO PSB are highly durable metal-cutting machines but they are exceedingly slow.

Series KASTO hbs KASTO psb hbs 1 psb 2 hbs 2 psb 4

Hacksaws are ideal for individual pieces and for operation within a workshop. The four models within the range provide cutting surfaces of 240 x 190 up to 400 x 240 millimetres.

KASTO circular saws

The main focus of circular saws is the rapid processing of long materials. It is above all the durability of these tools which keeps their downtimes to a minimum and facilitates high productivity. KASTO supplies 21 models of circular saw in 7 series: SPEED (including GRIPSPEED and VARIOSPEED), WA, FLEX, RADIAL, and ALU.

Circular saw KASTO gripspeed C 10

The overview below shows the individual models from the various series.

Series KASTO alu KASTO flex KASTO gripspeed KASTo radial alu A 13 flex A gripspeed C 10 radial U 7 alu U 12 flex U radial U 10 alu U 14 flex F radial M 4 alu U 20 radial M 6 radial M 7 radial M 10 Series KASTO Speed KASTO variospeed KASTO wa speed C 9 variospeed C 15 wa C 7 speed C 15 wa M 9 speed M 9 speed M 15

KASTO’s circular saws range includes high-performance devices with fully-automated controls as well as small, workshop circular saws for the precise production of individual products. The ALU Series features solutions developed for processing soft materials, such as aluminium, copper and plastics.

KASTO storage systems

KASTO Unicompact storage system 3D view

The need to hold semi-finished products in stock gave KASTO the idea of also developing storage solutions. KASTO’s systems were primarily developed for supplying KASTO saws but they can also be used for many other types of equipment.

KASTO produces nine different series of storage systems encompassing small-parts storage, such as the KASTO ECOSTORE, as well as the powerful and fully-automated KASTO UNITOWER storage tower. KASTO storage equipment is constructed in a modular fashion and can be expanded as required.

The KASTO UNICOMPACT storage system is specially designed for metalworking operations and is used to store sheets and long material. These storage solutions are the ideal way to expand upon a KASTO saw.

KASTO also offers some solutions for storage management and workpiece placement in storage and machinery. Material flow can thus be optimised by using a combination of KASTO-brand machinery.

Used KASTO machinery

With 150 years of history, the range of used KASTO machinery is exceedingly large. Many of the machines come from workshops after many decades of faithful service. Second-hand KASTO machines are so durable that old and defective bandsaws, hacksaws and circular saws can be overhauled with ease and put back into operation.

Sawing metals can produce a large number of electrically-conductive chips, which means metal saws require a high level of investment in cleaning and maintenance otherwise, sooner or later, the electrical systems will become damaged. There are a great number of KASTO metal saws at bargain prices because thorough cleaning and overhauling is required for them to be put back into service. However, since KASTO provides outstanding customer services, repairing and maintaining used KASTO metal saws is no problem at all.

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