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Used REISHAUER Machinery

Used Workshop Equipment, Lathe Parts & Accessories 2 Items
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 250 x 250 x 150 mm
Year of manufacture unknown
Weight approx. 40 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Oberuzwil, loaded on truck
Oberuzwil Switzerland, 9242 Oberuzwil
03/11/2021 12:08
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90 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 800 x 600 x 450 mm
Year of manufacture unknown
Weight approx. 100 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Kölleda, loaded on truck
Kölleda Germany, 99625 Kölleda
03/11/2021 11:57
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90 €
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REISHAUER AG - Used machinery at Surplex


  2. The History of the Company
  3. Products from REISHAUER
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Sector: Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment
  • Location: Wallisellen, Switzerland
  • Employees: 500-600
  • Website:


REISHAUER is a leading company in designing and producing gear processing machines and diamond as well as CBN dressing tools. It was founded over 200 years ago by Hans Jakob Däniker as a family-owned company. The company relocated its headquarters from Zurich, its original location, to Wallisellen in 1952 on a 20,000 square meters estate.

The History of the Company

REISHAUER was established in 1788 in Zurich, Switzerland.The company released on the market the so called "tap machine" in 1863. In 1914 the profile gages which inspect gears were introduced for maximum precision. In 1945, the company started the production of the ZA gear grinding machines, the company's flagship machine whose functioning was based on the continuous generating principle. The perfection and diversification of their products continued with RZ 300E in 1975, RZP in 1980, RZ 301 in 1987 and RZ 362A in 1990. In 1997 the company introduced a new line of production specialized in diamond and CBN dressing tools.

Products from REISHAUER

Some of the company's products and services include:

RZ 60 - This is a fast and precise gear grinding machine suitable for high productivity. The machine is suitable for planetary gears in automotive transmissions, but can also be successfully used for the fast production of smaller gears.

RZ 260 - It is a gear grinding machine which supports grinding gears with the outer diameter of up to 260 mm. It is available in four versions for a good adaptability (with one or two work spindles and with fix dressing or pivoting dressing unit).

RZ 550 - Featuring a 550 diameter option, this grinding machine is versatile and suitable for different industries. It can be customized after installation for better performance.

RZ 1000 - This is the largest gear grinding machine produced by REISHAUER.

REISHAUER also produces gearing, non-gear, multi diamond and micro- and nanotechnology tools for specific uses. Customized tools are created for existent clients so as to maximize the machines' performances.

The Company in Numbers

In 2010 REISHAUER acquired Felsomat Group, a company which constructs and distributes the REISHAUER grinding gear machines. Felsomat had 230 employees and CHF 100 million in the year prior to the acquisition. Over 100 people work in the Diamond and CBN division. The company maintains a strong relationship with international markets through its subsidiaries in USA, England, France, Germany, China, Japan and Russia. In addition, the company obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, as well as the VDA 6.4 and Ford Q1 certificates for product quality.

Used REISHAUER Gear Grinding

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