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SCHAUBLIN 13 high-precision universal milling machine
SCHAUBLIN 102-80 High-precision second operation lathe
SCHAUBLIN 102 hydropneumatic lathe
Germany, 86685 Huisheim
SCHAUBLIN 102 hydropneumatic lathe
Netherlands, 5301 LZ Zaltbommel
SCHAUBLIN 110-CNC cnc lathe
Netherlands, 5731 AG Mierlo
SCHAUBLIN 110-CNC cnc lathe
SCHAUBLIN 110-CNC cnc lathe
Netherlands, 5731 AG Mierlo
SCHAUBLIN 110-CNC cnc lathe
SCHAUBLIN 102 - TO lathe
Switzerland, 9014 St. Gallen
SCHAUBLIN 102 - TO lathe
SCHAUBLIN 102N lathe
Switzerland, 3280 Murten
SCHAUBLIN 102N lathe
SCHAUBLIN 125 lathe
Germany, 90425 Nürnberg
SCHAUBLIN 125 lathe

SCHAUBLIN machines have been designing and manufacturing high-precision machining tools for more than a century. Still headquartered in the company’s spiritual home of Switzerland, SCHAUBLIN operates out of several European countries, including the UK and Germany. From relatively humble beginnings, the company has grown quickly through a combination of cutting-edge design, reliability and technological advancement. SCHAUBLIN Machines now employs 115 employees, and is one of the world’s most recognisable lathe manufacturers.

SCHAUBLIN has an international reputation for creating lathes, CNC lathes and vertical machining centres of the highest quality. Perhaps the most widely used machines bearing the company logo is the SCHAUBLIN 102, which is the culmination of the company’s vast engineering experience and know-how. Along the way, the company has developed a range of technologies to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency. These innovations include the frequency converter and integrated motors.

Conventional turning

Conventional turning processes are made exceptionally accurate and efficient with the SCHAUBLIN 102 series at your disposal. There are four different options in the series, offering a choice of bench mounting or traditional mounting on a cast iron base. If you’re looking for state-of-the-art technology with a full complement of modern features, the N-VM and Mi-CF models are ideal.

The SCHAUBLIN 102 series offers the following types of conventional high precision lathes:

  • 102 N-CF Bench mounted
  • 102 Mi-CF Bench mounted
  • 102 Mi-CF Cast Base
  • 102 N VM-CF Cast Base

Micro conventional bench turning

SCHAUBLIN’s range of conventional turning machines deliver unparalleled levels of performance and accuracy, which is why manufacturers of all sizes rely on them. The SCHAUBLIN 70 series, for instance, is suited to almost all aspects of micro-machining, and it comes with a range of milling and grinding tools. The 70 series includes two bench-mounted models: the 70-CF has a traditional rounded headstock, and the 70-Mi-CF boasts a square headstock and an integrated motor.

The SCHAUBLIN 102 series includes the following types:

  • 70-CF
  • 70-Mi-CF

Conversational turning

Conversational turning can be more accurate and efficient than ever before, thanks to the SCHAUBLIN 125 CCN series. These state-of-the-art tooling machines offer linear gang tooling, while the R-TM models present driven tooling options for milling. All four options in the range offer all the benefits of CNC through the use of ISO programming and conversational cycles. The SCHAUBLIN 125 CCN R-TM A2-4 in particular delivers a level of performance that is perfect for one-off prototypes and medium-scale production.

The types from SCHAUBLIN 125 CCN series of high precision lathes are:

  • 125 CCN L-T D1-3
  • 125 CCN R-T D1-3
  • 125 CCN R-T A2-4
  • 125 CCN R-TM A2-4

The SCHAUBLIN 180 CCN series includes the following types of high precision lathes:

  • 180 CCN R-T A2-5
  • 180 CCN R-TM A2-5
  • 180 CCN R-T A2-6
  • 180 CCN R-TM A2-6

Production CNC turning

SCHAUBLIN manufactures some of the most technologically advanced production CNC turning equipment in the world. The SCHAUBLIN 136, for instance, is used widely because of its ability to deliver high-precision results in mass-production operations. Re-circulated glycol water is used in this series to ensure maximum accuracy every time. Both the 136 6-AX high precision lathe and the 136 7-AX high precision lathe are able to adapt to both small and large-scale production runs with ease. Changeovers are simple and quick, and a combination of a counter-spindle and a 23KW power unit ensure efficiency and power are always on hand.

The types of high precision lathes from the SCHAUBLIN 136 series are:

  • 136 4-AX
  • 136 5-AX-Y
  • 136 6-AX-CP
  • 136 7-AX-Y-CP
  • 136 6-AX
  • 136 7-AX-YP
  • 136 11-AX-Y

The ones from the SCHAUBLIN 142 series are:

  • 142 4-AX
  • 142 5-AX-Y
  • 142 6-AX-CP
  • 142 7-AX-Y-CP
  • 142 6-AX
  • 142 7-AX-Y
  • 136 11-AX-Y
  • 142 11-AX-Y

Automation CNC turning

Automation CNC turning machines are a particular specialty of SCHAUBLIN. The SCHAUBLIN 102 TM CNC with robot high-precision lathe delivers shorter workpiece load times and shorter travel distances. Pallet changing can also be automated using this advanced turning machine. The SCHAUBLIN 136 and 142 also features a robotic lathe, but offers higher productivity levels than its sister machine, the 102.

The types from this category are:

  • 102 TM CNC with integrated robot high precision lathe
  • 136 / 142 with integrated robot high precision lathe

Grinding CNC centres

The jewel in the crown of SCHAUBLIN’s grinding CNC centres is the 202 TG. This highly advanced machine can be configured for both grinding and turning, and comes fully loaded with Fanuc Oi CNC control. There is a turret with 12 different positions, an internal grinding attachment and a numerical controlled tailstock. Tailor-made for large scale manufacturing operations, the SCHAUBLIN 202 offers a spindle speed of between 50 and 7,000 rpm, as well as main spindle power of 5kW.

Hard turning machines

Costly grinding can be eliminated with one of the state-of-the-art hard turning machines from SCHAUBLIN. These advanced pieces of machinery mill and drill heat-treated materials of up to 65HrC. They do this by using cubical boron nitride and ceramic tools. Using higher than average feed speeds, hard turning machines such as the SCHAUBLIN 225 TM CNC Turn Mate are capable of slashing production costs. Other quality models in this series include the SCHAUBLIN 125 CCN, the 180 CCN and the 142. Top of the range is the SCHAUBLIN 202 TG, which offers a programmable C-axis as standard.

The types from this category are:

  • 225 TM
  • 225 RMi
  • 125 CCN
  • 180 CCN
  • 142 6-AX136
  • 142
  • 202 TG

High-speed CNC machining centres

The high-speed CNC machining centres from SCHAUBLIN feature a high-precision multiple axis turret capable of incredibly high speeds. Powerful and capable of pinpoint accuracy, these quality machining centres can be adapted to a wide range of tasks and production levels. The SCHAUBLIN HSM 330 has a cast-iron structure that can withstand prolonged and heavy use. It includes Fanuc numerical control, a rotary fourth axis, a Renishaw probe and high-pressure spindle coolant. Top of the range is the HSM 510, which offers a fifth rotary axis and more motor power.

The types from this category are:

  • HSM 330 high precision turret machining centre
  • HSM 510 CNC high precision turret machining centre

Vertical CNC machining centres

SCHAUBLIN really comes into its own as a manufacturer of vertical CNC machining centres. These three-axis tooling centres offer a comprehensive range of features and technologies to ensure maximum precision. A wide selection of tools is available, making all of the machines in this range suited to universal applications. The entry level machining centre is the SCHAUBLIN 48 V CNC, which is a compact vertical machine with a rapid traverse of 36m per min. The SCHAUBLIN 60 CNC, the 100 CNC and the 160 CNC all offer similar results but with added power. In the case of the 160, there is a fifth axis.

The types of vertical CNC machining centres from SCHAUBLIN are:

  • 48V
  • 48V-15K
  • 60
  • 100
  • 160

If you are looking for a SCHAUBLIN for sale, there are some working models to be found on used machinery marketplaces. However, any SCHAUBLIN milling machine is certain to be in demand, so you will need to act fast to secure one. This brand is renowned around the world because of its unwavering commitment to reliability. A SCHAUBLIN lathe, for instance, has a rigid, robust structure that is capable of withstanding the heaviest of production demands. The company fully supports all of its models with workpiece clamping and tooling, as well as a range of spare parts. For this reason, the average SCHAUBLIN mill for sale won’t be available for long.