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SCHULER PD 63T Eccentric Press
SCHULER Eccentric press
Germany, 73235 Weilheim Teck
SCHULER Eccentric press
SCHULER AHR320/2 Coiler and straightening machine
SCHULER PEV10/160 eccentric press
Germany, 73235 Weilheim Teck
SCHULER PEV10/160 eccentric press
SCHULER E4-600-3.35-762 Press

Following the formation of the company in 1839, Louis Schuler was inspired by the World Exhibition of 1851 in London to begin the production of machinery for metalworking. After a series of commercial successes, the company developed the world’s first eccentric and drawing presses using a mechanical drive. Over the years that followed, SCHULER GROUP was responsible for producing the world’s first transfer press, the first large panel transfer press and the development of TwinServo technology. The company is now a part of ANDRITZ GROUP.

SCHULER is now a global brand that sells a variety of presses to some of the largest manufacturing operations in the world. The company has a presence in 27 countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Spain and its home country of Germany. There are also several SCHULER production plants in Asia, including large factories in China, India and Thailand. The company works closely with several manufacturing sectors, including packaging, minting, car manufacturing and energy.

SCHULER works hand in hand with large car producers to make mass automotive production as fast and efficient as possible. The company has developed a range of technologies over the years that help car manufacturers to streamline their operations and boost their profitability. Technology such as ServoDirect, PCH technology and crossbar feeder systems ensure component quality is maintained while huge production efficiencies are achieved.

These technologies are present in SCHULER press lines, which are equipped with destackers, crossbar feeders and end-of-line system. The press lines with ServoDirect Technology offered by the company are available in two sizes – L and XL – with output rate ranges from 16 to 23 strokes per minute.

The models of SCHULERS ServoLine are the following:

  • ServoLine 23 L
  • ServoLine 16 XL
  • ServoLine 18 XL

23, 16 and 18 refer to the output at maximum stroke rate.

The mechanical SCHULER press is sold under the ProgDie brand name. This powerful machining tool delivers maximum part accuracy, low die wear and exceptionally high levels of production. SCHULER press with TwinServo Technology is fully automated and has a capacity of 16,000 kN. There are two separate torque motors housed in a press bed and two decentralised drives. This advanced press offers active slide parallelism and 30 percent less deflection.

SCHULER also produces multi-station and transfer presses in line with their clients’ specific requirements. Among the presses currently in production include mechanical transfer presses, mechanical multi-station presses, the SCHULER hydraulic press and presses with SCHULER’s TwinServo Technology.

There is a SCHULER press machine for just about every stamping and cutting process. The systems developed for these processes by SCHULER are used in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors. The technology developed and perfected by the company over the years allow sheet metal to be processed quickly and efficiently without any adverse effects on quality.

SCHULER is renowned for its C-frame presses, which are available in C-BASEline and C-FLEXline models.

CBL 25 and 40

CFL 63, 100, 160 and 250

The C-BASEline models are designed for small and very small series production and have press forces of 25 and 40 tons. The press ram presents a 4-fold sliding guide and slide adjustment for quick refitting.

The C-FLEXline models are perfect for changing production conditions and have a compact and space-saving design. These presses present modular design, which ensure flexibility and makes quick and safe retrofitting possible.

Fig.: SCHULER CBL 40 C-frame Press Fig.: SCHULER CFL 63 C-frame Press

The company also manufactures stamping presses of the very highest quality, some with SCHULER’s patented ServoDrive technology, for example the CSC 100.

Below, an overview of SCHULER stamping and forming systems:

Stamping systems with flywheel drive

Series MC Models MC 125 MC 200 MC 300 MC 400 MC 500

Stamping presses with flywheel drive

Series TMK Models TMK 300 TMK 500 TMK 700 TMK 900 TMK 1150 TMK 1500

Stamping presses with ServoDirect Technology

Series CSC / MSC MSD TSC / TSD TST Models CSC 100 MSD 250 TSC/TSD 630 TST 1000 MSC 200 MSD 400 TSC/TSD 800 TST 1600 MSD 630 TSC/TSD 1000 TST 2000 MSD 800 TSC/TSD 1100 TST 2500 TSC/TSD 1250 TST 3000 TSC/TSD 1600 TST 3500 TSC/TSD 2000 TSC/TSD 2500 TSC/TSD 3200

For manufacturing processes that use high-strength materials that require an added level of accuracy, knuckle-joint presses are used. They are used for drawing, blanking, embossing and punching.

The SCHULER brand name is probably most closely associated with hydraulic press technology. Stamping and drawing presses, for instance, can be utilised as automated press lines, transfer presses and single presses. One industry that relies heavily on the company’s hydraulic press technology and manufacturing solutions is the household appliance sector. The flexibility of SCHULER presses allows for exceptionally precise and specific production processes to be programmed via CNC control. A wide variety of die-change techniques and modular automation options allows the customer to stay in full control.

SCHULER specialises in adapting pressing techniques and technologies to the specific needs of individual manufacturing plants. For instance, the company works closely with manufacturers from a wide range of sectors to create fibre-reinforced plastics. It also develops bespoke systems for press hardening techniques and hydroforming.

The company offers a wide range of hydraulic press systems:

  • Hydraulic single press systems
  • Hydraulic transfer presses
  • Hydraulic press lines
  • Hydraulic die-spotting and tryout presses

SCHULER forging machines are used for a wide range of manufacturing processes, including cold forging, warm forging and hot forging. The company offers a complete service to its clients, from component development to method planning and die engineering. SCHULER is continually researching and developing new technologies to make production more efficient without adversely affecting accuracy. Among the many technologies developed by the company over the years include efficient hydraulic forming (EHF) and the SCHULER linear hammer with Servo technology.

SCHULER works closely with its clients to manufacture forging machines that address the specific requirements of production. A range of different processes can often be performed by the same machinery, including extrusion, reduction, ironing, open die forging and trimming. All forms of forging are addressed by this innovative company. SCHULER machine tools for cold forging include hydraulic ironing presses, cold extrusion presses and multi-station presses for forging of wire. Warm forging is carried out by multi-station drives with link and eccentric drives, while hot forging is performed by systems such as counterblow hammers, screw presses, crank presses and down-stroking hammers.

Below, an overview of the main series related to individual processes:

Cold Forging

Type of machine Hydraulic presses Mechanical presses FormMaster Series MH Series MML Series FM Series MHS Series MSL Series with ServoDirect Technolgy FM Series with ServoDirect Technolgy

Warm Forging

Type of machine Mechanical presses Series MME Series MSE Series MML Series MSL Series with ServoDirect Technolgy

Hot Forging

Type of machine Hammers Screw presses Mechanical presses Hydraulic forging presses Series KGH Series PA Series PK Series MH Series KGE Series PAR Series PK Series with ServoDirect Technolgy HG Series PSM Series PK Series with DualDrive Technolgy DG Series PSH Series MSU Series PZS Series

SCHULER automation technology ensures production costs are kept to a minimum without quality being adversely affected. The company doesn’t just make presses, it creates entire manufacturing solutions that often require the linking of several machining tools together. In order to increase speed and efficiency, forming lines are automated with CNC control and artificial intelligence. SCHULER offers automation options for single presses, press lines, forging and blanking lines.

SCHULER specialises in manufacturing industrial machinery in partnership with its customers. As a result, its presses are often bespoke, and made to exacting specifications. Among the industries in which SCHULER collaborates closely with manufacturers are car manufacturing, aeronautical engineering and household appliance production. There are therefore very few used machining tools bearing the SCHULER name on the market today. Only the largest and most profitable manufacturing businesses in the world are likely to be in a position to buy such advanced, expansive and specialised machining tools. However, by checking the used machinery marketplace regularly, there is always a chance you might find an older press available at a significant discount against new.