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SCM WINDOR 100 Window Machining Centre
0 Bids
30,000 €
17/10/2018 10:12
SCM RD240NTTVNTE 5 axis CNC Machining Centre
1 Bid
20,000 €
SCM RECORD 110 TV CNC Machining Centre
Caivola (Pesaro)
1 Bid
15,000 €
Hot lot
SCM K 208 Single side edge bander
28 Bids
5,750 €
17/10/2018 10:25
Top lot
SCM P170S Window Machinery
0 Bids
4,600 €
22/10/2018 10:01
Top lot
SCM RECORD 2 CN Machining center
0 Bids
4,500 €
02/11/2018 11:16
SCM SANDYA 10 Wide Belt Sander
0 Bids
3,200 €
05/11/2018 09:30
Top lot
SCM SELECTA C Edgebander
Fermo (FM)
0 Bids
2,625 €
29/10/2018 12:15
Top lot
SCM F520 NOVA Surface Planer
Santa Giustina…
0 Bids
2,000 €
12/11/2018 10:28
SCM SI16W Sliding Table Saw
Fermo (FM)
4 Bids
1,600 €
29/10/2018 12:24
SCM S52 Thickness Planer
Fermo (FM)
6 Bids
1,525 €
29/10/2018 12:19
SCM BASIC 2 Edgebander
Caivola (Pesaro)
2 Bids
1,500 €
SCM RECORD 1 Machining Center
San Vito al Ta…
0 Bids
1,500 €
07/11/2018 14:10
SCM F410 Surface Planer
Fermo (FM)
5 Bids
1,425 €
29/10/2018 12:20
SCM P75 4-Sided Planing Moulding Machine
0 Bids
1,200 €
02/11/2018 11:15
SCM D80 Double Profile Grinding Machine
Fermo (FM)
0 Bids
1,200 €
29/10/2018 11:03
Fermo (FM)
0 Bids
1,125 €
29/10/2018 12:23
SCM T120 Moulder
Fermo (FM)
0 Bids
1,125 €
29/10/2018 12:27
SCM BASIC 2 Edgebander
1 Bid
1,100 €
SCM B2 Edgebander
region Perugia
0 Bids
900 €
29/10/2018 10:59
SCM T130 Shaper
0 Bids
640 €
02/11/2018 11:26
SCM R 9 Router
0 Bids
450 €
18/10/2018 10:39
SCM Planning moulding machine
0 Bids
400 €
02/11/2018 11:20
SCM T 130 N Spindle Moulder
1 Bid
240 €
31/10/2018 11:10


  1. The SCM Group – high-performance machines from Italy
  2. SCM woodworking machines
  3. SCM saws
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    2. SCM sliding table saws
  4. SCM planers and thicknessers
  5. SCM milling machines
  6. SCM edge banding machines
  7. SCM grinding machines
  8. SCM window-making machines
  9. SCM CNC machining centres
  10. BUsed SCM woodworking machines
SCM Logo
  • Founder: Werner Bühne
  • Founding year: 1965
  • Location: Gummersbach
  • Number of employees: > 1100
  • Production sites: Gummersbach & Marienheide
  • Website:

The SCM Group – high-performance machines from Italy

SCM is a manufacturer of machine tools and foundry machines. The company started out in the fields of metal construction and heavy industry. It was founded in 1952 and is today one of the leading manufacturers of woodworking machinery in all its varied forms. SCM also owns a wide portfolio of subsidiaries to provide numerous other solutions for the field of metalworking. SCM strives to provide the most comprehensive selection of products possible for the fields of wood- and metalworking.

SCM's subsidiaries are:

GABBIANI separating machines
STEFANI edge banding and sizing machines
MORBIDELLI drilling and milling machines for panels
SCM processing centres for solid wood
ROUTECH specialist machines for joineries
CELASCHI profiling machines for floor coverings
DMC grinding machines and calibration machines
SUPERFICI finishing and varnishing solutions
SERGIANI presses
MAHROS turning stations and automated robots
CPC machines for assembly and packaging
MINIMAX semi-professional machines
CMS processing of plastic, glass, and mineral materials
SCM Fonderie foundry technology
STEELMAC electromechanical assemblies
HITECO electric spindles

From all-rounders to specialist devices: SCM woodworking machines

The SCM company has grown strongly thanks to a selection of acquisitions and the width of its product range. Originally, there was only a small range of woodworking machines revolving around its key brand, SCM, with individual machines being outsourced to their other subsidiaries. Even today, SCM still retains a particularly wide range of woodworking machines.

SCM saws

When it comes to saws, SCM offers a wide selection of circular saws which are divided into the two main groups panel saws and sliding table saws.

SCM panel saws

SCM’s current production range includes five panel-dividing saws. These are:

Image: SCM Cella Flexstore S-CON Sigma

SCM Sigma Impact
The SCM Sigma Impact is an affordable all-rounder machine for serial production

SCM Prima / Prima P
This is also an affordable all-purpose machine for panels up to 4.20 metres in width and 2.20 metres in length. If requested (P version), the machine can be fitted with easy-to-use software, which enables additional processing options.

SCM Impact P
This machine combines edge banding, milling, drilling and sawing. If requested, it can be equipped with powerful software.

SCM Verticut
The Verticut is a panel saw used for vertical cutting.

SCM Cella Flexstore S - Sigma
The Cella Flexstore S model is a panel saw which is available with or without a lifting table. A 3-axis storage system can optimise material flow and shorten production times.

SCM sliding table saws

SCM currently offers nine different types of sliding table saw. These are complemented by six further models produced by their subsidiary MINIMAX. SCM’s sliding table saws include:

SCM SI X 1 Invincibile sliding table saw
Image: SCM SI X L'invincible

SCM L´Invincible SI X, L´Invincible SI 3, L´Invincible SI 5
L´Invincible series sliding table saws are characterised by their varied and programmable processing options. They feature a work surface of 3.2 x 3.2 metres and a saw blade pivot range of 46° in both directions. The various types primarily differ in terms of motor performance and the cutting height of the pre-scorer unit.

SCM SI 550 EP Class sliding table saw
Image: SCM SI 550 Class

SCM SI 300 Class, 350 Class, 400 Class, 550 Class
The SCM Class 200 is a purely manual solution for small workshops. It features high precision and durability. The slightly reduced ease-of-use is compensated for by a particularly appealing price. The series above the 550 offer electronic controls and increased performance.

SCM SI 400 Nova manual sliding table saw
Image: SCM SI 400 Nova

SCM SI 300 Nova and 400 Nova
The SCM Nova series features budget solutions. The models within this series are particularly affordable but without compromising on quality, usability, or durability.

SCM planers and thicknessers

SCM planer and thicknessers are supplied in three series and five types. They facilitate comprehensive processing of thick materials using the latest techniques. They are complemented by three other highly affordable, manual wood planers produced by the subsidiary, MINIMAX.

SCM L´invicible SCM Class SCM Nova
Model: F7 L´invicible Models: F410 Class/ F520 Class Models: F410 Nova/ F520 Nova
The premium series is ‘L’invincible’. It enables maximum precision and features durability and ease-of-use, which make it ideal for serial production using thick wooden materials. The SCM F520 Class and F410 Class represent the mid-range price segment. The ‘Nova’ series with its F520 and F410 cover the lower end of the SCM planer thicknesser range.

Those looking for more affordable planers or thicknessers made by SCM would do well to look at their subsidiary, MINIMAX, who produce the F 52 Elite S and F 41 Elite S.

SCM milling machines

SCM milling machines are also separated into sub-divisions: ‘L´Invincible’, ‘Nova’, ‘Class’, ‘W Classic’ and ‘Elite’. In total, there are nine different table milling machines made by SCM.

SCM TI 7 L'invincibile spindle moulder
Image: SCM TI 7 L'invincibile Spindle moulder

The excellent products from the ‘L´Invincible’ range offer top-level programmable controls. The ‘Class’ range is supplied without electronic controls. The ‘Elite’ and ‘W Classic’ spindle moulders models are suitable for particularly tight budgets thanks to reduced equipment and Chinese manufacture. The low prices for which they can be acquired mean they are also of interest to private individuals. In addition to SCM table milling machines, the company also supplies combination sawing/milling machines and a selection of routers. These are produced exclusively by the subsidiary MINIMAX.

SCM edge banding machines

SCM Olimpic E 10 edge banding machine
Image: SCM Olimpic E 10 Edge banding machine

For its edge banding machines, SCM took a completely different path compared to its thicknessers, saws and milling machines. Within this division, SCM provides manufacturers with manual devices and MINIMAX devices are supplied with simple, serial processing in mind. To be precise, the Olimpic E10 is the only edgebander currently produced by SCM. This manual stand-alone device is ideally complemented by the ‘Olimpic t20’ edge-milling machine. The top model amongst SCM edgebanders is the MINIMAX ME 25. It features an integrated glue pot and was exclusively designed for serial production.

SCM grinding machines

SCM Sandya 900 wide belt sanding machine

Grinding machines are produced by SCM itself, as well as its subsidiaries DMC and MINIMAX. DMC’s range features a whole selection of very high-performance machines for industrial applications. Again, MINIMAX is responsible for supplying budget solutions for smaller operations and private users. DMC supplies wide belt sanders, special solutions, as well as wide belt calibration machines and automated fine grinding machines. DMC wide belt sanders are available in nine different series. They provide excellent performance for especially demanding applications. High through-put, ease of use and maximum productivity were the key aspects taken into consideration in the development process.

The models created by SCM are somewhat ‘slimmer'. The Sandya series ‘Sandya 5’, ‘Sandya 5S’ and ‘Sandya 10’ are wide belt sanders and have a similar appearance and range of equipment to DMC devices; however, they are mostly of a smaller size. DMC’s ‘System TT 1650’ is a specialist machine for finishing painted panels in preparation for polishing. It is ideal for furniture panels that require the application of several paint layers. Finally, DMC provides a highly efficient double grinding machine in the form of its ‘System BT22 2200’ and ‘System BT44 1350’, which enable workpieces to be sanded simultaneously on their top and lower surfaces.

SCM window-making machines

SCM offers a limited selection of solutions for the art of window-making, but they lack nothing in terms of performance. One of the top models is the fully-automated ‘Integra’, which is highly reliable and facilitates consistent precision even across large series, thus making it ideal for industrial applications.

SCM’s ‘Domino’, ‘Dogma’ and ‘Windor’ CNC lines mean there is a machine for every budget and field of application. The ‘Domino’ is the highest performing and features an impressive output. The ‘Windor’ is an outstanding device to provide support in the manufacture of windows. SCM’s range means every type of window-making business – from small- to large-scale – will be able to find just the right piece of machinery for their needs.

SCM CNC machining centres

SCM Accord 50 FX-M CNC machining centre

The selection of CNC processing centres is particularly large. In conjunction with its subsidiary MORBIDELLI, SCM offers a total of 21 different series of CNC machining centres. This range is supplemented by the ROUTECH CHRONOS HT universal processing centre. This CNC processing centre is specially designed for highly demanding applications: curved, complex shapes can be produced in any quantity using this universal machine.

SCM’s CNC processing centres are available from the Ergon and Accord series. The Accord series features the Accord NST, Accord 25, 30, 40 and 50 FX as well as Accord WD, which means there is a machine available for every requirement. SCM provides highly flexible, modular solutions for every type of serially processed wood. Panel-working, furniture manufacturer, door- and window-making and much more can be performed using these machines.

Buying used SCM woodworking machines

As powerful as SCM woodworking machines are, the Italian manufacturer found it difficult to keep up with its national competitors. This leads to a very mixed bag when it comes to SCM woodworking machines on the market of used machinery. Much of the machines are to be found abroad, with their home country of Italy being the ideal place to source used SCM machinery. They are available in great numbers and are generally in a good condition.
The prices for used SCM woodworking machines, however, differ greatly. This is due to the fact that used SCM machinery can be found in a much wider variety than SCM’s current line of products. Prices for simple grinding machines start at around 2,500 Euros. High-performance plants, such as used SCM WINDOR window-making machines, by contrast, cost upwards of 150,000 Euros.

However, as a prestigious and successful manufacturer, SCM woodworking machines always come highly recommended. Their modular construction and easy accessibility make them very simple to maintain, clean and repair. The manufacturer is committed to providing spare parts for their machines over the long-term.

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