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UNION UWF 4.3 U Milling Machine
Germany, 86757 Wallerstein

UNION UWF 4.3 U Milling Machine

UNION WSF 5.2 NC tool milling machine
Germany, 73235 Weilheim Teck

UNION WSF 5.2 NC tool milling machine

UNION WF 5.2 Horizontal milling machine

UNION, or UnionChemnitz to give the company its full title, has been manufacturing machine tools for more than 160 years. The company was started by David Gustav Diehl in 1852, and by 1975 it had produced its very first boring mill in the town of Chemnitz. Over the years, several mergers and restructuring initiatives changed both the name and the makeup of the company. UNION has gradually expanded its portfolio of boring mills. As recently as 2009, the company made machines with boring spindles of up to 262mm, but it has since been working on larger and more efficient machining tools. UNION Chemnitz is now part of the HerkulesGroup of companies.

UnionChemnitz is the oldest manufacturer of machine tools in the world. It has forged a global reputation for engineering and manufacturing boring mills of the highest quality. The company now has more than 180 employees, and continues to put innovation at the heart of its business plan. The company is the only in Germany to manufacture boring mills that cover the complete range of spindle diameters, with hydrostatic or linear guideways.

A UNION horizontal boring mill is guaranteed to deliver a very high level of precision, and this precision can be maintained during heavy-duty cutting operations in large-scale manufacturing operations. The company’s floor type boring mills are grouped together in the P-Series category, and are available with or without a RAM.

The P-Series floor plate was engineered to machine particularly large and heavy workpieces. Loads of up to 250 tons can be processed with great precision, offering a level of versatility and efficiency that large-scale manufacturers rely on. These powerful machining tools have fully integrated trunnion devices, rotary tables and floor plates, which means they are fully prepared for the most intensive production lines in the world.

Each floor type UNION horizontal boring machine comes with an automatic tool changer and a permanently integrated facing head. They are available with spindles diameters of 130mm and 150mm. If you’re looking for a floor plate with RAM, you’ll need a PR-Series machine, which is available with a spindle diameter of 130mm, 150mm, 162, 180mm, 200mm or 262mm.

There are also several discontinued floor type horizontal boring mills that can be picked up from used machinery marketplaces. The UNION BFT 80, for instance, comes with a powered rotary table and DRO as standard. Four-axis DRO and a slightly higher spindle power are available on the UNION BFT 90 3. If you’re dealing with larger, heavier workpieces, you should be searching used machinery marketplaces for the UNION BFT 130, which has CNC control as standard.

Planer type horizontal boring mills from UNION are grouped together in the K-Series category. They are highly efficient, and specialise in the machining of large, prismatic workpieces. They possess a modular design, and there is a wide variety of accessories available for them. They also have an automatic tool changer, a permanently integrated facing head and RAM. These planer type boring machines are available in a selection of spindle diameters, including 110mm, 125mm, 130mm, 150mm and 162mm. All of the various sizes of boring machine in the K-Series category have CNC control, a pick-up station and twin table design.

If you’re looking for a UNION table type boring mill, you’ll need a T-Series machine. These horizontal milling machines are best suited to medium-sized workpieces. They are available with a range of customisation options, making them suitable for most types of production. The T-Series machines are available with 110mm, 125mm, 130mm and 150mm spindle diameters, and they all have an automatic tool changer as standard. They all benefit from a precision spindle bearing with permanent lubrication, cooling aggregate for temperature stabilisation and a two-step gearbox with its own lubrication circulation system.

UNION manufactures travelling column mills under the MILLFORCE-Series brand name. These highly capable machining centres combine pinpoint precision with speed and stability. They are ideal for medium-sized workpieces, and they deliver exceptional levels of flexibility when machining single parts. MILLFORCE-Series milling machines can be changed automatically with a pick-up station, which makes them suitable for an extensive range of machining functions.

A machine bed is capable of vibration damping, which is why this particular mill is capable of delivering accuracy at high speed. There is also dynamic compensation against tilting and sag. Optional extras for the MILLFORCE-Series travelling column mills include process monitoring, traversing tables and rotary tables. There are three options in the series: the MILLFORCE 1, the MILLFORCE 2 and the MILLFORCE 3. Each offers its own specific work area and drive power, but they all include CNC control and an automatic tool changer.

If you’re in search of a precision boring mill, the KG-Series is what you’ll need. This planer type boring mill is based on the hugely successful K-Series, but it takes accuracy to the next level. This particular series is designed to machine prismatic workpieces of great complexity. Weights of more than six tons and dimensions greater than 2500mm x 2000mm x 1500mm are absolutely no problem for the KG-Series. According to UnionChemnitz, this is the world’s first machine tool to “close the gap” between a standard boring mill and a jig boring machine.

The KG-Series is available with a spindle diameter of either 110mm or 125mm as standard. However, larger diameters are available upon request. This advanced item of machinery comes with optional air conditioned. Other optional extras include an automatic tool changer and an interface for the addition of complementary equipment.

UnionChemnitz is always innovating, and new, more powerful boring machines are being developed continually. As a result, finding the very latest models on the used machinery market is incredibly difficult. However, this manufacturer makes boring machines that stand the test of time. With careful maintenance and speedy repairs, older UNION boring machines such as the UNION BFT 130 can be found for as little as 44,000EUR. Older models such as the UNION CBFK machining centre are available from around the 30,000EUR. Machining centres from this highly respected manufacturer is becoming available all the time, so keep checking used machinery marketplaces for the latest deals and offers.