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WEINBRENNER - Used machinery at Surplex


  2. The History of WEINBRENNER
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  4. The Company in Numbers


WEINBRENNER is today regarded as one of the most reputable sheet metal processing equipment manufacturer on. The company produces some of the most comprehensive, productive, and well-organized sheet metal processing equipment.

The History of WEINBRENNER

WEINBRENNER has emerged as a very successful company due to its ability to manufacture state of the art equipments. The company has provided a wide range of industrial machines that caters for diverse industrial applications. This particular achievement can be directly attributed to the company's highly skilled workforce. Some of the company's employees started working as apprentices when WEINBRENNER was being incorporated, and these workers have since then been promoted to managerial levels, as a result a huge chunk of the workforce has spent their entire working career with the organization.


There is the flagship B12 bending center which can be described as an automated folding and profile bending machines that is mainly used to fabricate sheet metal components. This machine is designed with capabilities to process sheet metal components which are up to 3mm in thickness. The B12 comes with a fully digitized automation system which ensure optimized workflow in order to deliver minimal processing time that leads into highly improved yield. It is also possible to integrate the B12 machine with industrial robots so that the robots may automatically handle the bending parts. The B12 bending unit can also be synchronized with customized hardware and software interfaces so that the B12 is directly harmonized with existing warehousing systems. Due to features such as swing bending, sheet metal processing companies stand to benefit from two independently operating jaws that assist in virtually unlimited rearward bending space, and also this particular bending technique does not damage surfaces of the bent parts. The B12 bending center also consumes very minimal factory space which implies that the machine can be operated inside small factories.

There are also numerous used machines from the company and any product sold by WEINBRENNER comes with an after sales service that guarantees workforce efficiency because spare parts are readily available.

The Company in Numbers

WEINBRENNER Company was founded in 1984 is headquartered in Germany. Since its inception the company has managed to successfully spread its wings to key regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific markets. WEINBRENNER mainly deals with sheet metal processing equipments, and due to the company's superb products the organization is today considered a market leader in sheet metal processing.

Used WEINBRENNER Press Brake
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