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WEINIG UNIMAT 23 EL Planer and Moulder
WEINIG Unimat 23 EL/Unirex/Unitec 15/Univar 15 Window Production Line
WEINIG UNIMAT 23 SP Double Splitting Saw
Italy, 81043 Capua (CE)


Poland, 86-170 Nowe nad Wisłą


Poland, 86-170 Nowe nad Wisłą


WEINIG U 23 Planer and Moulder
Poland, 89-650 Czersk

WEINIG U 23 Planer and Moulder

WEINIG U23 Double Splitting Saw
Italy, 81043 Capua (CE)

WEINIG U23 Double Splitting Saw

WEINIG UNIMAT 23 Moulder / Four-striker

According to the company profile, the WEINIG Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery and systems for the processing of solid woods. Their product range was expanded in 2010 by incorporating the HOLZ-HER brand in their wooden materials division. Originally founded in 1905 by Michael Weinig, Bertold Weinig restructured the company in 1945 and turned its sights to producing woodworking machinery in 1947. By 1948, the company was the first in its sector to commence serial production.

By expanding production in terms of the range of machinery and manufacturing sites, and by incorporating companies such as Raimann, Dimter and Grecon, the WEINIG Group was able to develop into a single-source provider for the processing of solid woods as the decades progressed. Their product groups include planers and moulders, rip saws, band resaws, cross-cut saws in optimizing and undertable design, finger jointing lines, double-end tenoners, gluing presses, CNC processing centres, tool grinders, as well as automatic length stop systems and scanner systems.

Panel saws, edgebanders, zero-joint systems, nesting CNC machines, and panel storage systems complete their wooden materials division.

WEINIG panel saws

The panel saw range of the WEINIG Group is covered by machines from the HOLZ-HER brand. The range is divided into horizontal and vertical panel saws, as well as CNC machines with nesting technology. The vertical panel saws are characterised by an exceedingly compact design which can be installed in spaces with as little as five square metres.

WEINIG edgebanders under the HOLZ-HER brand

Perfect edges with water-tight, invisible 'zero joints’. One thing all WEINIG HOLZ-HER edgebanders have in common is the GluJet system. It features a short warm-up time, low energy consumption when re-melting, and flexibility thanks to a choice between EVA and PUR glue in cartridges or in the form of granules.

A total of 21 edgebanding machines are offered in 6 series, which means every size of operation will be able to find the right edgebander for their needs.

AURIGA LUMINA SPRINT The AURIGA line comes with diamond-tipped cutters as standard and is designed for completely automated processing. The machines of the LUMINA Series offer similar benefits to those of the ACCURA machines and also feature state-of-the-art changeover systems. Edgebanders from the SPRINT Series are known for their variable feed rate of up to 18 m/min. They can process edges up to 15 mm thick. ACCURA STREAMER UNO The current models in WEINIG’s ACCURA Series of edgebanders feature a newly developed changeover system for the gluing station, which makes it easier to change the gluing system and clean the adhesive nozzles after removing the changeover trolley. The STREAMER Series has an excellent price-performance ratio. It encompasses a broad range of machines, from the entry-level STREAMER 1053, through to professional edgebanding technology in the large-scale STREAMER 1057 XL, which can process edges up to 6 mm thick. The only machine offered in the UNO Series, the UNO 1302, is especially suited for use in confined spaces. At only three metres long, it is the result of the company’s decades of knowledge and experience.

WEINIG CNC processing centres

WEINIG’s machines for traditional wood/plastic CNC processing are largely provided by HOLZ-HER. PRO-MASTER, EVOLUTION and the proprietary CONTUREX Series are the company’s CNC machine lines.

The PRO-MASTER line provides horizontal processing centres, which are especially suited to wooden materials. The PRO-MASTER 70 Series features universal 4-axis machines at an entry-level. The 71 and 72 offer 5-axis tools, which provide greater freedom in producing complex, three-dimensional contours. If an import interface is used, the designs can be taken directly from CAD and CAM systems.

The EVOLUTION line is home to especially compact solutions for vertical processing, which can perform all the required steps despite their diminutive size. The vacuum-clamping technology is gentle on materials, fully automatic, and means all sides of a workpiece can be accessed for processing.

The CONTUREX CNC machines are primarily suited to processing solid wood for window/door production, conservatories, furniture and façade construction.

WEINIG offers the following types in the CONTUREX series:

  • Conturex Compact
  • Conturex 114
  • Conturex 124
  • Conturex 124 Fläche
  • Conturex 125 VARIO
  • Conturex 126
  • Conturex 226

WEINIG CNC nesting machines

CNC systems with nesting technology are also provided by HOLZ-HER via their DYNESTIC Series. These enable wooden materials to be processed while conserving resources. These machining centres with gantry design and high-level cut optimisation are ideal for use as individual machines as well as integration into more complex production systems.

WEINIG planers and moulders

Planers in general, including the sub-group moulders, are the WEINIG Group’s core line of business. They are used to process solid wood, wooden materials and plastics, particularly elongated materials. There are five product lines in this segment with ideal solutions for all application scenarios.

The HYDROMAT Series features a collection of planers for high-speed processing and enable feed rate speeds of up to 800 metres per minute. The machines are designed to be very robust and are thus long-lasting.

Baureihe Cube Unimat Powermat Hydromat Breithobel Cube Plus Unimat 200 Powermat 700 Hydromat 3500 Hydromat 45 Unimat 300 Powermat 1500 Hydromat 5000 Hydromat 700 Unimat 500 Powermat 2400 Unimat 600 Powermat 2500 Hydromat 6000 Unimat 800

WEINIG CUBE makes planing especially easy thanks to simple controls and the ability to rapidly change dimensions. CUBE machines are primarily suited to small- and mid-sized companies.

The UNIMAT Series is home to high-performance, top-quality profiling machines at reasonable prices. The plants are suited to all standard tasks in craft workshops or large companies.

POWERMAT planing machines are designed in a modular fashion to enable them to be incorporated with other production machines. Low production tolerances and a high level of occupational safety are but two reasons to choose machines from this series..


Saws are essential tools in the field of woodworking. They are used in all areas of production – from trimming raw wood through to the production of complex contours in panel materials.

Rip saws

WEINIG produces three series of rip saws – the UNIRIP, VARIORIP and PROFIRIP – which include a total of seven models.

Baureihe UniRip VarioRip ProfiRip FlexiRip 310 310 340 JirionLine KR 310 KRD 310 450 KR 610

The UNTIP 310 produces outstanding cutting results with very little time needed to re-equip the machine for different applications. The compact design makes it especially suited to use in confined spaces. The 310 is ideal for standard applications.

The VARIORIP Series also only features one model. The 310 can be expanded with up to two automatically adjusting saw blades, which reduces set-up time. This machine is most likely to be found in small- and mid-sized operations.

The PROFIRIP Series features a selection of five different models. These machines are used by a wide range of operators thanks to their versatility.

Band resaws

WEINIG-brand band resaws are used to process raw wood and fully utilise the materials on hand to produce outstanding cutting results. Within this segment, WEINIG produces the following types:

  • BKS
  • BKW
  • BK60/80


Undertable cross-cut saws

WEINIG produces two models of undertable cross-cut saw. They include simple controls, require little space, and offer a high level of occupational safety.

Optimising cross-cut saws

WEINIG optimising cross-cut saws are used to cut fixed lengths, fix faults and optimise wooden boards.

Panel-cutting is possible on all models, including single-unit and bulk-processing.

WEINIG distinguishes between machines without and with positioning slides. The following optimizing cross-cut saws are available:

without positioning slides with positioning slides OptiCut 150 OptiCut S 50 OptiCut 200 OptiCut S 90 OptiCut 450 OptiCut S 60

WEINIG double-end tenoners

WEINIG ProfiShape is used to produce end profiles for wood joints on frame sections, as well as all other longitudinal and transverse profiling – with low tolerances down to the hundredth range. These tool machines are not just used for their traditional purpose – solid woods – they are also used for other wooden materials and the processing of fibre insulation boards.

WEINIG tool-grinding machines

WEINIG tool-grinding machines from the Rondamat Series expand the product range with machines for manufacturing and repairing tools, such as blades in planers, and ensure clean, precise wood cuts. The Rondamat machines process standard shapes and can be used in conjunction with specialist tools to create individual profiles.

WEINIG finger-jointing lines

Finger joints are used to connect solid wood longitudinally with nearly the same properties as if it were naturally grown piece of wood. A range of other wooden materials can also be joined together using this technique. WEINIG finger-jointing lines optimise use of resources, such as through using residual wood and chippings, and can also rectify defects in the material.

In this area, WEINIG offers a wide range of different applications. The following table presents an overview.

Series Short wood jointers Construction
wood machines Compact systems Single-board
jointers Continuous presses ProfiJoint Ultra TT 2000 - 4000 PowerJoint FL 200/ 300 DKK ProfiJoint Kombination Turbo-S 2000-4000 CF / CF-H HS 2000 - 6000 Ultra / Ultra TT 1000 Turbo-LH 6000 VS 5000 CombiPact Turbo-S 1000 HS 120 / HS 200

WEINIG gluing presses

WEINIG ProfiPress gluing presses bring a great deal of flexibility to wood-processing operations. They facilitate the manufacture of panel materials, the seamless combination of a variety of woods, and the exploitation of residual wood to produce top-quality results. High-frequency technology improves the application of adhesives and reduces glue consumption.