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WEINIG Unicontrol 10/2 Window Machinery
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Michael WEINIG AG - Used machinery at Surplex


  1. The company Michael WEINIG AG
  2. The History of WEINIG
  3. Products offered by WEINIG
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: WEINIG
  • Employees: 500
  • Location:Germany
  • Foundation:1905
  • Website:

The company Michael WEINIG AG

WEINIG is a German company specialised in planers, wood work machinery and other tools related to agriculture. Currently, the company works at an international level, and is one of the main providers of these kind of products. WEINIG has factories all over the world and it is represented in every continent, this allows a non centralised service that translates into a faster and more effective system.

The History of WEINIG

WEINIG was created in 1905, the founder was Michael Weinig. After some difficult decades because of the First and Second World War, the company reinvented itself to focus on the production of machines that improved the wood work. The success of these products allowed the company to become international with a factory in Japan, which opened the border beyond Europe.

Products offered by WEINIG

The German company WEINIG has a great variety of different products, all of them destined to wood work. The company's products include; window processing centers, measuring devices, band saws and many more industrial machinery, always focused on the wood work. The company also includes customer service and maintenance of the machinery, instruction about the correct way of using the equipment and the extra replacement pieces.

The Company in Numbers

WEINIG is an international company specialised in the design and production of industrial machinery for woodworking. It has nine factories spread over Europe and North America, and other five subsidiaries located in the other continents. All of them add up to annual sales around 650 million dollars, this makes WEINIG the company with the best market share in its field. The company also has around 500 employees, most of them engineers and technicians.

Used WEINIG Planing Machine
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