Better with Surplex: Used Machinery Purchase and More

Marketing of Used Machinery

Surplex offers extensive expertise and years of experience in the marketing of used machinery, industrial equipment, and complete works. We use various transaction methods (e.g. private contract sales, live and online auctions) with different marketing models (e.g. contract marketing, purchasing, commission business, tender sale). That all means you get the exact solution you need from a single source.

Purchase of Used Machinery

On request, Surplex will purchase used machinery, machine packages, and entire production plants. Selling used machinery is the quickest way to achieve short-term liquidity, create space for new machinery, or save yourself the often tedious and time-consuming search for a buyer. We offer a professional valuation for your machinery and pay a rate comparable to the one in the ongoing market. 

Marketing of Used Machinery on Your Behalf

Within the market, we will search for a buyer on your behalf, with the aim of achieving the best return for you. By using all available marketing tools, we alert thousands of potential buyers around the world regrading your used machinery. This concentrated power is the key to your sales success. 

Used Machinery Auctions

Are you planning on closing a production site? Perhaps you have gone through restructuring and now have large quantities of remaining goods; used machinery or complete plants for sale? Then make use of our long-established experience in holding large-scale industrial auctions. An online auction can also be useful when it comes to selling individual machines, for example at our monthly Surplex Metal Auction or Surplex Wood Processing Auction.

If you have an excess of used machinery in stock and are interested in our services, we would be very happy to assist you.

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