We take responsibility
We take responsibility
We take responsibility
We take responsibility

Sustainability as a business model

The economy of the future will be a circular economy. An economy in which products are manufactured as environmentally friendly as possible, used for as long as possible and recycled as completely as possible. The global used machinery trade is already making an important contribution to achieving this goal of a circular economy.

Every used machine sold on surplex.com saves considerable amounts of CO2 and raw materials compared to new production. With around 55,000 machines and operating equipment going under the hammer every year, the CO2 reduction amounts to around 1,300 t annually - a considerable sustainability factor! We help to ensure less waste and more reuse. Our auction platform even breathes new life into old machines. On the world market, there is a sensible use for almost every product.

In this way, we help buyers and sellers to achieve their sustainability goals as well. The sales process itself is also becoming increasingly contactless and low-emission thanks to our services. When machine sales are perfectly prepared and smoothly handled, many trips around the globe can be avoided. As a result, not only buyers and sellers benefit, but also the planet.

Values for a better world

Environmental sustainability is a key aspect of our corporate responsibility, but not the only one. It also includes dealing fairly with our business partners, contributing to economic prosperity and respecting our employees. Surplex pursues these values consistently. They are a central component of our » mission statement.

Customers & partners
<h6>Customers &amp; partners</h6>

Surplex brings buyers and sellers from all over the world to the same table. Your trust is our greatest asset. That is why Surplex acts according to clear principles that all customers can always rely on: We supply only safe and high-quality industrial goods at fair market prices. We act transparently and fairly. In the event of disagreements, we sit down at the table and find a solution. We always negotiate with business partners at eye level.


Our sustainability initiative includes Surplex loan bikes, discounted public transport tickets, energy-optimised office lighting and no plastic bottles. Through the worldwide » Review Forest initiative, Surplex plants a tree for every Google review of its customers in order to improve the CO2 balance. As a partner of the German nature conservation organisation NABU, Surplex promotes biodiversity in the » Orchard meadows project.

Economy & society
<h6>Economy &amp; society</h6>

Surplex has created approx. 200 modern, secure and qualified jobs in 15 European countries at present. As an innovative e-commerce service provider, we will continue to contribute to Europe's prosperity in the future. On the other hand Surplex assumes direct social responsibility through the two local initiatives Donate Your Deposit and Rest-Cent Donation. The proceeds are donated to the children of the »  Düsseldorfer Kindertafel e.V.


The Surplex team currently comes from 24 nations. In today's global markets, this diversity is our most valuable resource. In our » mission statement, we have agreed on cultural tolerance and personal respect as the basis for daily interaction. Surplex promotes all employees and offers a wide range of benefits. From flexible working hours to company pension schemes and health management.

Practical example (1)
<h6>Practical example (1)</h6>

Big changes start with small steps, e.g. our sustainability initiative:
Orchard meadows project (see image)
• Initiative Review Forest
• Surplex loan bikes
• Discounted public transport tickets
• Recycling box for old mobile phones
• Waiver of plastic bottles etc.

Practical example (2)
<h6>Practical example (2)</h6>

We promote the personal development of our team with, among other things:
• Family-friendly working time models
(Top 10 ranking 2020)
• Ergonomic workplaces
• Internal training
(HR Excellence Award 2020)
• "Active break" and other initiatives