Working at Surplex

May we call you by your first name?

At Surplex, everyone has equal rights, whether employees, managers or managing directors. When you visit us for the first time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere. There is no dress code. Just come to Surplex as you feel comfortable.

But these are not the only freedoms that await you here. At Surplex you can also flexibly adjust your working hours to your personal circumstances. If you have children. If you are an early riser. Or late risers. A lot is possible here. Of course you will find a modern equipped workplace. This doesn't just mean state-of-the-art IT systems, but also modern office chairs and height-adjustable desks that are easy on your back. Fresh fruit, water, coffee and tea are available for everyone.

If you're wondering about two sweaty runners in the foyer during your lunch break, it's probably Michael and Uli, the managing directors of Surplex next to Ghislaine. They keep themselves fit for the challenges of a hard working week. A shower for runners is available, you can also use it. Or do you prefer to train in the gym? Then we can offer you attractive special conditions.

If all this sounds like a start-up now, you're not quite wrong. But Surplex is an earthed start-up (since 1999), which offers you not only a lot of freedom but also all the security you need to fully develop your potentials.


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