kone-ehdotukset IMA BIMA 310 V120/500 Machining center

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IMA BIMA 310 V120/500 Machining center

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Koneen yksityiskohdat

Nimi   IMA BIMA 310 V120/500 Machining center
Kone nro   224311
Valmistaja   IMA
Malli / tyyppi   BIMA 310 V120/500
Valmistusvuosi   2002
Kone saatavilla alkaen   immediately
Koneen laatu   ei tarkistettu
Koneen sijainti   12040 Pollenzo, Italien

Tekniset tiedot

Mitat noin   9000 x 3000 x 2200 mm
Paino noin   9000 kg


CNC WORKING CENTRE FOR BORING ROUTING EDGE BANDING , GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS, Industrial machine with heavy-duty structure, Working area axes "X","Y" axes: 5000 mm - 1200 mm, Travel speed axes "X","Y": 0 - 60 m/min - 60 m/min, Linear speed axis "Z": 20 m/min , SUPPORTING AREA OF THE PANEL, Working areas, Nr. 6 movable work tables to support the panels , Suction cups for each work table with vacuum system for the locking of the working piece, Facilitated loading device through pneumatic bars assembled on the work tables that lift the pieces , Led unit that allows to position quickly and precisely each suction cup on the work table, Nr. 1 vacuum pump , BORING UNITS, Nr. 1 boring units, each one with the following specifications , Nr. 7 independent spindles for vertical boring in "X" direction, No. 7 independent spindles for vertical boring in "Y" direction , ROUTING UNITS, Nr. 1 electro-spindle in vertical position - automatic change of the tool - "C" VECTOR AXIS that allows to turn and 360° angle drive heads with rotation regulation in automatic by numerical control - motor power 7,5 KW ( 1500 / 24000 RPM) , EDGE BANDING UNITS, Automatic device to apply the edge into straight profiles of shaped panels, Applicable banding material in coils: thin edge and PVC up to 3 mm, Independent unit to edge band shaped panels. It's installed on the main frame of the machine - hot-melt glue pot and premelter - spreading roller to regulate the quantity of apllied glue - edge pression roller, Magazine for edge coil , TOOL CHANGER MAGAZINE, Rear tool changer magazine with nr. 18 positions , Angle drive head with 1 output for saw blade to cut the edge and to make cuts and groovings, Top and bottom edge trimming head-unit , Edge scraping head-unit , CONTROL OF THE MACHINE AND ACCESSORIES, Control and program system IMATRONIC NT 231 + IMA WOP SOFTWARE with the following features: - pc - screen colour - CD-ROM reader - keyboard, Control of axes "X" - "Y" - "Z" - "C" VECTOR, Command board installed on a separated electrical cabinet to control the machine , Separated electrical cabinet , NORM AND OPTIONAL FOR THE SECURITY, Security norme CE mark, Protection and sound-proof enclosure of the working units , Protection grids installed on the machine, Front safety carpets, Automatic system to out-put the wood wastes, Total installed power 22 KW