kone-ehdotukset SELCO EBT 120 TWIN PUSHER Paneelisaha with lifting table

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SELCO EBT 120 TWIN PUSHER Paneelisaha with lifting table

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Koneen yksityiskohdat

Nimi   SELCO EBT 120 TWIN PUSHER Paneelisaha with lifting table
Kone nro   224301
Valmistaja   SELCO
Malli / tyyppi   EBT 120 TWIN PUSHER
Valmistusvuosi   2006
Kone saatavilla alkaen   immediately
Koneen laatu   ei tarkistettu
Koneen sijainti   12040 Marene CN, Italien

Tekniset tiedot

Mitat noin   10000 x 3000 x 1900 mm
Paino noin   10000 kg


NUMERIC CONTROLLED BEAM PANEL SAW WITH AUTOMATIC LOADING , GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS, Industrial machine with heavy-duty structure, Useful working cutting width 4400 mm, Useful working cutting length 4300 mm, Max. main blade projection 122 mm, Double automatic lateral aligner with pneumatic cylinders. The aligning cylinders are one before and one after the cutting line , FEEDING AND STACKING OF THE PANELS, Panels stacking: front and manual , Panels loading: automatic, with rear lifting table - table dimensions 4400 X 2200 mm, Supporting table under the pusher carriage equipped with idle rollers to avoid any scratching on the panels , FRONT SUPPORTING TABLES, Nr. 1 fixed front table with with additional guide - covered by bachelite - air blowing device - table dimension 2050 x 850 mm, Nr. 3 - air blowing device - tables dimension 2050 x 650 mm , SAW CARRIAGE TECHNICAL DATA, Speed of saw carriage: - forward 0-150 m/min. - back 150 m/min, Carriage with main blade and scoring saw units, Main blade - max. tool diameter 430 , Scoring saw - max. tool diameter 200 mm , PUSHER TECHNICAL DATA, Motorized pusher carriage - nr. 7 grippers to clamp the package of panels, Speed of the carriage: - forward 1 - 100 m/min. - back 100 m/min, Auxiliary TWIN PUSHER: Its grippers are independent and they can be selectively raised up to the working table. The two pushers, the main and the auxiliary one, are completely independent, but complementary to each other and they can perform independently two cutting phases at the same time, like two cross cut cycles, one rip and one cross cut cycles, etc. - nr. 4 grippers to clamp the package of panels - Speed of the carriage: - forward 1 - 120 m/min. - back 120 m/min , CONTROL OF THE MACHINE AND ACCESSORIES, Adjustable hanging command board to control the machine , Incorporated electrical cabinet , NORM AND OPTIONAL FOR THE SECURITY, Security norme CE mark, Protection grids installed on the machine, Rear safety photo-electric cells