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STILL FM-X 14 Electric Reachtruck

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Koneen yksityiskohdat

Nimi   STILL FM-X 14 Electric Reachtruck
Kone nro   171889
Valmistaja   STILL
Malli / tyyppi   FM-X 14
Valmistusvuosi   2008
Kone saatavilla alkaen   by arrangement
Koneen laatu   toimiva
Koneen sijainti   20050 Verano Brianza (MI), Italien

Tekniset tiedot

kuormitettavuus   1,4 t
Mitat noin   1300x1700x2900 mm
Paino noin   2500 kg


• Serial Number: 611801003423
• lifting bridge: Triplex
• Lifting height: 7100 mm
• Hight min: 2900 mm
• Working Hours: 3973 h
• Forks lenght: 1150 mm
• Charger: Yes

STILL FM-X14 Electric Reach Truck

The FM-X14 Electric Reach Truck provides a high level of performance with excellent efficiency and productivity. The FM-X14 has been designed to handle a wide range of industrial applications, both indoors and outdoors. What makes this truck distinguishable from other trucks in the same category are the included safety features like the braking system with energy recovery. The FM-X14 is part of the FM-X series of reach trucks from STILL.

Features of the FM-X14

Just like most trucks from STILL in the same category, the FM-X14 provides an improved energy consumption. This machine features are impressive with respect to detail and design, which gives it an aesthetic appeal. Its compact and small design makes it unique and ideal for a wide range of applications within the small space provisions of the present day industrial storage facilities, warehouses, or distribution centres. For enhanced safety during operation, the FX-14 is equipped with an intelligent energy recovery system, which comes into operation during the braking process. When the operator steps on the braking pedal, the machine's kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy by a generator and the energy produced is fed back to the truck's battery. In addition, the FM-X14 integrated triple braking system is exemplary. When the operator initiates the braking process, the energy recovery generator is boosted by the truck's hydraulic wheel brake. This ensures maximum safety, efficient and economical working of the machine, especially with respect to energy consumption.


The STILL FM-X14 electric reach truck features an electric traction system that is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 14 km/h when driving under maximum load. Its electrical system is powered by a 48V battery, which also acts as a storage unit for the regenerated power during braking. The FM-X14 truck is designed to handle a maximum load capacity of 1400 kg and can comfortably lift the it up to a maximum height of 9.8 meters.


The FM-X14 features an impressive detailed design with excellent economy and advanced technology. Its motors and other critical components are optimally protected from dust, dirt, and moisture and are easily accessible during maintenance.