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BIESSE Akron 1440-A kanterica
Njemačka, 33397 Rietberg

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Naziv: BIESSE Akron 1440-A kanterica
Art. br.: 580436
Proizvođač: BIESSE
Tip: Akron 1440-A
Godina proizvodnje: 2018
Stroj dostupan od: immediately
Stanje stroja: nikad korišteno/novo
Lokacija: Njemačka, 33397 Rietberg
Uvjeti dostave: FCA Rietberg, ukrcano na kamion
Troškovi demontiranja i ukrcaja 400€ (obvezujuće)
Troškovi prijevoza: nisu uključeni
Uvjeti plaćanja: 100% plaćanje prije preuzimanja
serijski broj:
debljina ruba: 0,3 - 12 mm
debljina izradaka: 10 - 60 mm
posmak: 12 - 18 m/min
jedinica za oblikovanje spojeva: yes
jedinica za lijepljenje: EVA
jedinica za odsijecanje: yes
jedinica za fino oblikovanje: yes
jedinica za oblikovanje profila: yes
jedinica za plošno struganje: yes
jedinica za struganje profila: yes
jedinica za poliranje rubova: yes
upravljanje: Smart Touch 21,5
Približne dimenzije: 5.700 x 1.300 x 1.800 mm
Približna masa: 1.300 kg
BIESSE Akron 1440-A edge banding machine
Exhibition machine / subject to prior sale
ATTENTION Pictures may show accessories not included

- jointing and milling unit RT02
- Scraper unit RB02
- Surface scraper RC02
- Buffing unit SZ02
- Smart Touch 21.5" control
- NC Axis Package
- Feed speed 12-18 m/min
- Installation preparation for plate return
- Spraying device for non-stick agent ADZ02
- Kit Pair of diamond cutters H=65 mm Z=2+2 30
- Kit Pro-Glue
- Edge conveyor roller with short needles
- Electrical and mechanical preparation for double gluing system
- Quickmelt QM-703 for EVA hot melt
- Adaptive Infra Red Lamp AdIRL-700
- Kit Pro-Nesting for fine milling unit
- Pair of multi profile cutters for fine milling unit
- Function for setting the machining only at the corners
- Pair of milling cutters, R=2 mm, for form milling unit
- Kit Pro-Nesting for scraper unit
- pair of knives R=2 mm for scraper unit
- Pair of knives R=1 mm for scraper unit
- Cleaning unit LTP02

General product information "Biesse Akron 1440-A edge banding machine
Single sided edge banding machines for gluing and processing of flat edges in rolls (melamine, PVC, ABS, veneer) and strips (solid wood, resopal, sliced veneer, etc.)

Standard equipment

NC control with touch display
The "SMART TOUCH 10" NC control system enables simple and intuitive control of the machine and its individual units.
Technical details:
- Graphic colour display TFT 10" touch screen, 1024x768 pixels for a sharp and intuitive display of texts and images.
- Windows operating system.
- 4GB integrated hard disk for storing multimedia content and programs.
- USB port for easy and effective management of multimedia content, programs and updates.
- Ethernet port for connecting the machine to the network.
- Sintra HD software, simple and intuitive touch screen interface, quickly learnable by any operator. Multilingual adjustable.

Additional functions
- Autostart of the selected genset motors.
- Direct selection for second run.
- Automatic management of NC axes and machining operations.
- Program lists with manual and/or auto start.
- Error diagnostics with comments.
- Production data acquisition.
- Software-guided maintenance.
- Control panel ergonomically arranged and rotatable.

Structure of the basic machine
- Machine base: Highly rigid welded construction and contact surfaces milled in one clamping enables flexible and customer-specific assembly of the units. Machine bed open at the bottom allows free sliding
- of the shavings to the outside.
- Workpiece transport: Conveyor chain and top pressure as an integrated unit allow a safe and continuous holding of the workpiece during the passage. Conveyor chain: Heavy 1¼ inch (31.75 mm) industrial chain and technopolymer chain plates with self-lubricating properties. Special 80x60 mm rubber pads with high-grip provide a firm grip on the workpiece. Chain driven by a 1.5 kW motor gearbox unit. Top pressure: Steel frame construction with offset double row of rubber rollers with ball bearings. Automatic positioning of the top pressure beam which is controlled by the PLC.
- Lateral sliding on ball guides. These are extruded aluminium guides complete with support wheels. Fast manual positioning of the locking system. Maximum work piece size: 40 kg; for larger panels a lateral panel guide is recommended.
- Infeed ruler: Machines with joining unit are equipped with an adjustable infeed ruler. The adjustment is done manually or as an option automatically. Complete with workpiece separator at the infeed with special sensor in addition to the signal lamp to keep the space between the workpieces to a minimum.
- Full protection cabin on the whole length of the machine except in the area of the grinding unit. It is made of aluminium with wide areas of transparent polycarbonate for a complete view of the operative units to ensure full incidence of light.

Requirements for the electrical system
The protection of the machine against indirect contacts has been designed for supply networks of type TN and consequently no residual current protection has been provided. In case of connection to other types of networks (TT, IT) or if required by local laws or standards, residual current protection must be planned according to the system characteristics. The following conditions must be observed: The measures against electromagnetic interference can generate high residual currents at high frequency.

Technical data
workpiece thickness* 10 - 60 mm
edge height 14 - 64 mm
Edge thickness of rolled goods 0.4 - 3 mm
Edge thickness strip** 0.4 - 12 mm
workpiece overhang 25 mm
Minimum panel length 140 mm
Minimum width (for 140 mm length) 85 mm
Minimum width (for 250 mm length) 50 mm
Feed speed 12 m/min
workpiece gap** 650 mm
Suction at each working unit 1 connection Ø 100 mm
Compressed air supply 7 bar
Mains voltage 400 V / 50 Hz Three phase with neutral
Control voltage 24 V - CC
Frequency of the static converter 200 Hz
Glue tank capacity 2 (approx.) Kg
Melting time with half filling 10 (approx.) minutes
* Minimum workpiece thickness 8 mm with maximum edge thickness 1.5 mm.
** Depends on selected aggregates.

According to EU directive.

Free space for joint milling unit RT02

Gluing unit VC-511
Applies the hot melt adhesive to the workpiece, guides the edge to the workpiece, automatically cuts the edge off the roll and presses it against the workpiece, guaranteeing perfect positioning.
It consists of:
- Glue container and application roller. The application roller is equipped with a sliding shoe to get the right amount of glue on the workpiece. Hand lever for quick change of the gluing parts (NC controlled as option). No adjustment necessary if the panel thickness changes. Quick heating and double thermostat for differentiated temperature control. Glue tank completely coated with non-adhesive material. Electronic device for automatic temperature reduction of the gluing part when the machine was idle, for a defined period of time. Glue roller that rotates in the same direction as the board. Quick change of gluing parts for easy maintenance or changing colour/type of glue.
- Automatic edge feeding system for edges in rolls or strips, complete with roll holder Disc diameter Ø 800 mm. The feeding of the edge is done by the "infeed system" when the panel moves forward and prevents the edge material from slipping off. The edge magazine has a manual vertical height adjustment.
- Cutter knife for automatic cutting of edgebanding. Material in rolls with a maximum thickness of 3 mm and with a cross section of max 140 mm². Automatic adjustment of the working pressure according to the thickness of the edge banding on the first pressure roller.
- Pressure rollers with RPT insertion-controlled pressure rollers, pressure device consisting of:
o First pressure roller Ø100 mm with own air pressure regulator.
o Two free-running pressure rollers Ø60 mm conical top, bottom. With non-stick coating and common air pressure regulator.

Cross-cutting unit IN-801
Twin-engine cross-cut unit with one 0.8 kW each at 12000 rpm.
For trimming the front and rear edge overhang with 0° to 15° inclination.
- High reliability and precision due to the slide shoes and prismatic guides.
- Pneumatic changeover with preselection of the cutting angle between 0 and 15 degrees by means of PLC.
- Exclusion of the cutting unit from the processing as well as an independently possible tilting of the two cross-cut motors.
- Extraction system.
- Flex system with controlled projection. Allows the saw blade cross-cut position to be adjusted from the control panel in order to obtain a certain protrusion of the edge. Ideal for applications that also require the shape milling function, especially for soft/postforming parts.

Fine trimming unit RF02
Twin-engine milling unit, traced from above/below and at the front, each with 0.6 kW high-frequency motors and 12000 rpm. For processing the upper and lower edge overhang.
Includes the pneumatic exclusion.
Tools not included.

2 Motorised multifunctional shaping trimming unit AR02 E
For corner rounding and form milling of workpiece edges made of synthetic material up to a maximum thickness of 3 mm. Complete with 2 high frequency motors with 12000 rpm each 0.65 kW.
Corner rounding is possible for straight workpieces as well as on post- and softforming parts from 90 to 180 degrees.
High production quality thanks to movement on linear guide, vertically oscillating copying device and a so-called pre-copying system.
Maximum feed speed 15 m/min for corner copying.
Tools not included.

Free space for scraper unit RB02

Free space for surface scraper RC02

Free space for buffing unit SZ02

Free space for hot air unit PH-501

Joining and milling unit RT02
Joins the workpiece in process before the glue is applied.
And two 1.8 kW high-frequency motors with 12000 rpm (without tools).
The processing is splinter-free, precise and constant, thanks to:
- Automatic, time interval controlled and independent switching on of the two motors.
- The AUTO-SET device: ensures the optimal positioning of the cutters according to the thickness of the part to be machined.
Symmetrical diamond tools H=45 mm Z=2+2 30° included.

Scraper unit RB02
For finishing thick edges made of PVC/ABS.
Complete with horizontal and vertical tracing rollers.
Includes pneumatic exclusion.
Standard with blowing nozzles on the tracing rollers and catch box for the chips.
Tools not included.

Surface scraper RC02
Unit for removing the leaked adhesive in the area where the edge joins the panel.
Equipped with tracing rollers and a flat knife with insert control.
The unit is equipped with a system for atomizing release agent to prevent it from sticking to the tools and a suction device.

Buffing unit SZ02
For cleaning and buffing the workpiece edge with cloth polishing wheels.
Complete with two 0.37 kW motors. 2800 rpm.
The unit automatically adjusts to the thickness of the workpiece.

Smart Touch 21.5" control
Windows operating system, in: Italian, English, French, Spanish or German.
- Colour touch screen 21.5 " with Full HD resolution.
- Port USB.
Software features:
- Windows operating system.
- Interface for the control of edge banding machines.
- Set-up operations for units and their axis settings (SMART TOUCH does not include axis control).
- Program acquisition - and execution to automatically carry out the intended machining operations.
- Automatic start of the unit and motor by means of a program.
- Error diagnostics with code and plain text.
- Detailed program lists.
- Statistical data on production.
- Automatic management of NC axes and machining operations.
- Control system can be equipped.

NC Axis Package - device for automation of action setting for Akron 1400
Complete with:
- AX-1: Axis control with infeed ruler.
- AX-1: Axis control on pressure rollers.
- AX-4: Axis control on fine milling unit.
- AX-2, axis controls on shaping milling unit.
- AX-4, axis controls on scraper unit

Feed speed 12-18 m/min
The machine can have 2 different feed speeds: 12-18 m/min.
Corner copying (form milling)/up and down machining: up to 18 m/min.
Corner copying (form milling)/up and down machining: up to 18 m/min. Corner copying (form milling)/up and down machining: up to 18 m/min.

Installation preparation for plate return
Electrical preparation for connecting the return.
The modified chain cover in the machine outlet is supplied loose.

Spraying device for non-stick agent ADZ02
In order to achieve an optimal workpiece cleaning during the machining process, an anti-adhesive agent is sprayed on the upper and lower surface of the workpiece. The latter is positioned in front of the joint milling unit.
Precise application of the anti-adhesive agent thanks to the injectors activated by numerical control.

Kit Pair of diamond cutters H=65 mm Z=2+2 30°.
As replacement for standard tools.
Symmetrical tools.

Kit Pro-Glue
The PRO-GLUE kit consists of the following components:
- TEKNO-GLUE system for optimal gluing through. Complete with:
o Controlled scanning of the glue roll.
o Automatic retraction in case of feed stop.
o Automatic ON/OFF of the gluing part.
- System REVERSE to switch the glue roller in synchronous or counter rotation

Edge conveyor roller with short needles
Exchangeable edge conveyor roller for better feeding of veneer edges.

Electrical and mechanical preparation for double gluing system
for the use of EVA glue in granule form and polyurethane glue in granule form.

Quickmelt QM-703 for EVA hot melt
Facilitates the change of colour/type of glue and fills the glue tank as required.
The glue granulate is melted at 180°C and discharged directly into the glue basin.
Consisting of:
- Container for glue granulate with a capacity of approx. 3 kg.
- melting device.
- Glue container with filling level sensor, as a replacement for the standard glue container.

Adaptive Infra Red Lamp AdIRL-700
The infrared lamp is placed in front of the gluing unit.
Before the glue is applied, the workpiece is heated up to optimise the adhesion of the edge.
High quality standard and minimizes operating costs.
It is particularly useful for storing and/or processing boards in cold areas.

Kit Pro-Nesting for fine milling unit
Consisting of two pressure rollers with bearings as an addition from the UPPER vertical pressure roller to allow the machining of workpieces with holes with a maximum diameter of 35 mm and/or grooves. Distance between
Pressure rollers 70 mm.

Pair of multi profile milling cutters for fine milling unit
Bevel milling 25 degrees, R=2 mm + R=1 mm and straight profile for solid wood.

Function to adjust the processing only at the corners

Pair of milling cutters, R=2 mm, for form milling unit

Kit Pro-Nesting for scraper unit
Consisting of two pressure rollers with bearings as an addition from the UPPER vertical pressure roller to allow the machining of workpieces with holes with a maximum diameter of 35 mm and/or grooves. Distance between pressure rollers 70 mm.

Pair of blades R=2 mm for scraper unit

Pair of knives R=1 mm for scraper unit

Cleaning unit LTP02
Spray nozzles for applying cleaning agent to the plate directly in front of the buffing wheels for cleaning and polishing. The application is done by controlled nozzles.

The warranty of this machine has expired! With the purchase of this machine you agree to this condition. The guarantee can be extended by Biesse at a charge. The costs amount to 2% of the list sales price for a further 6 months. This extension is always calculated from the end of the factory warranty!
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