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Aukcia 'Surplex Woodworking Auction (September II)': č. šarže 2004 Pásová brúska HEESEMANN BA 2-E
Nemecko, 73433 Aalen

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Názov: Pásová brúska HEESEMANN BA 2-E
Číslo stroja: 592784
Model / typ: BA 2-E
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Miesto: Show on map Nemecko, 73433 Aalen
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HEESEMANN BA 2-E Long Belt Sander

The table runs automatically. Grinding can be done while the table is moving back and forth.
grinding width 2550 mm
Table depth approx. 2000 mm
Sanding belt length 9500 mm
Pressure lamella belt length 7250 mm

The grinding process is electronically controlled. The pressure beam is divided into small, individually operating segments which are actuated by contact switches. The passing workpieces are scanned by the contact switches in the mould and the respective segments only exert pressure in the area of the workpieces.
Differences in the workpiece thicknesses within a tolerance range of at least 2 mm, within a workpiece and from one to the other, are automatically compensated. Several flat workpieces of different shapes can be placed on the table simultaneously.

No need to adjust the effective grinding width on the pressure beam.
The individual pressure shoes automatically adapt to the shape of the surface. The grinding pressure remains the same.
Thus, all workpiece shapes can be sanded edge-protecting.

The machine completely takes over the exact adaptation to the workpiece of any shape. At the
electronic belt grinding machine BA 2-E, the adjustment to the workpiece dimensions is omitted and an independent adjustment to the workpiece contours takes place.
This model is particularly suitable for frequently changing dimensions and shapes, e.g. in the production of table tops (round, oval and with strongly rounded corners), in the piano industry, in interior design, in furniture production with corresponding capacity.

The machine is used for wood and lacquer sanding as well as intermediate lacquer sanding, especially due to the flexible pressure system for polyester lacquer sanding for subsequent high-gloss buffing, which can also be carried out on this machine.

Basic construction:
The automatic sanding unit with transverse sanding belt is arranged above the supporting table, a second sanding belt with manual sanding shoe guide is mounted in front of it.
The elastic, flat pressure beam exerts an adjustable, uniform sanding pressure on the workpiece surface. Between the inside of the sanding belt and the sliding surface of the pressure beam, a driven pressure lamella belt moves at a lower speed than the sanding belt. The lamellas of this belt press the sanding belt against the workpiece during sanding. This means that the sanding pressure is not applied statically, but dynamically. The continuous offset of the individual pressure points produces an even sanding effect over the entire surface and dissipates the sanding heat. The specific pressure can be adapted to the type of grinding and buffing work to be performed by selecting the appropriate pressure lamella belt.
Two sanding belt speeds, 12 and 24 m/s, can be selected by means of pole-changing drive motor; a lower sanding belt speed can also be switched on for intermediate sanding of the lacquer by means of a triple pole-changing motor. The type BA 2-E sanding belt drive can be equipped with electronic frequency control, so that the sanding belt speed can be selected in a wide range of 2 - 20 m/s. The drive motor is equipped with an automatic braking device.

Oscillating compressed air jets constantly blow the sanding dust out of the belts so that they always remain open and handy. This increases the quality of the sanding and reduces the sanding belt consumption considerably.

For grinding thin, small and slightly warped workpieces, the support table is equipped with a suction clamping device. This device allows the workpieces to be clamped and flattened on the table during grinding.

The machine is very suitable for sanding veneered surfaces.
The narrow belt can also be used very advantageously for corrective sanding. The combination of an automatically and manually operated sanding belt ensures that the work piece comes out of the machine absolutely finished with a perfect surface quality.
Približné rozmery: 5,000 x 1,600 x 2,400 mm
Približná hmotnosť: 2,500 kg
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