HYFRA GAMMA 13-0 /sigma-C13-S Oil cooling device

HYFRA GAMMA 13-0 /sigma-C13-S Oil cooling device
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HYFRA GAMMA 13-0 /sigma-C13-S Oil cooling device
07.05.24 11:06
Čas zaključka
1,650 €
Izklicna cena
HYFRA GAMMA 13-0 /sigma-C13-S Oil cooling device
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Model / Vrsta
GAMMA 13-0 /sigma-C13-S
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Nemčija, 76316 Malsch/Karlsruhe
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FCA Malsch/Karlsruhe, naloženo na dostavno vozilo
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100% plačilo pred prevzemom
približne mere postavitve (d x š x v)
500 x 500 x 2,100 mm
Približna teža
200 kg
Technical details: liter output 20550/42 degrees Qa, coolant R134a/1430 refrigerator Pressure 20 bar, total power requirement 14.5 kW, additional information: The models in the HYFRA Gamma series are designed as immersion coolers for cooling water, oil and emulsion. The plug-and-play immersion coolers can be installed and can be used with an area requirement of just 0.5 m². This makes them very suitable for integration into various machine layouts. Outputs of up to 28 kW are available in just 0.5 m2 thanks to the compact design Stand space possible. This results in significant flexibility advantages when planning the production area layout and a significant increase in productivity because there is space for more producing machines. In the compact models of our immersion coolers, the condenser is installed horizontally. Thanks to this type of construction, the immersion coolers generate significantly less waste heat. Internal components remain unaffected by waste heat. A robust agitator ensures a uniform media temperature in the lubricant tank in all immersion cooler models in the series. For regular cleaning, the HYFRA Gamma series can be easily lifted out of the tank using fixed lifting eyes. Immersion cooler: Powerful cooling directly in the application How does an immersion cooler work? With immersion coolers, the cooler's evaporator is immersed directly in the cooling medium. The liquid is contained in a tank and is continuously and vigorously moved for efficient cooling. Powerful agitators support this process. For which applications are immersion coolers suitable? Immersion coolers are often used to control the temperature of cooling lubricants in filtration and mechanical engineering to ensure the performance of the devices used. They are also used indirectly in metalworking to cool tools and workpieces. A classic area of application there is milling and grinding with CNC machines or conventional machine tools. Immersion cooler with modern controls and extensive equipment Depending on the cooling capacity, HYFRA Gamma immersion coolers have a FreeSmart or a FreeAdvanced control. The combination of the FreeAdvanced control and a touch panel offers a structured overview and the reading of the relevant values. Both freely programmable controls are equipped with several inputs and outputs of digital and analogue type. The FreeAdvanced control also has a full text display and supports Modbus TCP. Prikaz prevoda
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76316 Malsch, Germany

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