BRAUN + CANALI / MÖHRINGER / NICHOLSON BBS.V 1800 K/R Sawmill incl. Solid Wood Parquet Production
Germany, 83071 Stephanskirchen

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Machine details
Name BRAUN + CANALI / MÖHRINGER / NICHOLSON BBS.V 1800 K/R Sawmill incl. Solid Wood Parquet Production
Item No. 625783
Model / Type BBS.V 1800 K/R
Year of manufacture 1998-2010
Machine available from at once
Machine condition in working order
Location Show on map Germany, 83071 Stephanskirchen
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Costs and benefits
Delivery terms EXW Stephanskirchen, ex foundation, unpackaged
Shipping costs not included
Payment terms 100% payment prior to collection
Technical details
weight approx. 350,000 kg

Professional and technically well-groomed Braun + Canali BBS.V 1800 K/R double band saw and other machines for solid wood parquet production.

Machine installation and technical data:

Pos. 1 Round Log Yard and sawmill
AUMUND bridge crane system, year 1978
Load capacity 2 x 4 to and roundwood grabs

MÖHRINGER Round Log Yard
Round timber entrance dimensions Length approx. 3,000 - 14,000 m
Round timber entrance dimensions Diameter approx. 250 - 1,100 mm
Round timber exit dimensions Length approx. 3,000 - 5,500 m
Round timber output dimensions diameter approx. 250 - 1,000 mm

JORO sonar material surveying system

HOLTEC ES 121 crosscut sword saw, year 2000

BZ BALJER - ZEMBROD WRP-QS root reducer, year 2006

NICHOLSON 44" A6 Debarker, year 1999

S+S Lignum-HX 1600/350/16 metal detector round timber, year 2010

HAMBERGER JE TL trunk measurement, year 2004

HOLTEC HMRS 800/8 m Splinter search tape

Braun + Canali B2H Block- / Tensioning trolley
Wire drive with frequency controlled 75 KW motor

Clamping blocks 4 pieces
Trunk diameter approx. max. 1.400 mm
Trunk weight approx. max. 9,000 kg
Carriage speed approx. 4 - 200 m/min.
Average feed speed approx. 30 m/min

LINCK V40 ZD „1“ Chipper

Braun + Canali BBS.V 1800 K/R Double band saw, year 1999
Roll diameter each approx. 1.800 mm
Roll width each approx. 280 mm
Motor each approx. 125 KW
Saw blade speed per blade approx. 28 m/sec
Hydraulic blade tensioning
Machine weight approx. 14.000 kg

Board goods Removal and transfer system

Pos. 2 Solid wood Parquet production
Material feed system

REINHARDT NC 810 H Under table crosscut saw 1 piece
Transport device

REINHARDT NC 810 Cross cut saws 2 pieces
Transport device
Input length approx. max. 5.500 mm
Input length approx. min. 2.500 mm before pre-cropping
Input length approx. min. 865 mm after pre-cropping
Thicknesses approx. 28, 34, 80 and 90 mm (mainly 80 mm)
Width approx. max. 500 mm
Output length at NC 810 approx. 2.400 mm for plank
Output length at NC 810 approx. max. 1,595 mm with triple length strip parquet "525"
Output length at NC 810 approx. min. 865 mm for double length strip parquet "425"

MÖHRINGER Autojet MS 120 Trimming saw, year 1999
Measuring section and conveyor system

MÖHRINGER Cross-cut and transversal Cross-cut saws
for friezes cut to size

PAUL 15 AOB Under table crosscut saw (single standing)

RAIMANN ProfiRip KR 610 6M Multi-blade saw, year 2007
Tool diameter approx. 250 / 300 mm

HEISS Z 2 Typ 551 Centrifuge, year 1998
Sorting line and 2 stacking units

RUDNICK + ENNERS VRT 6.000 x 5.500 mm Vibro-table

SARTORIUS MDB – D 65x50 Metal detector, year 2008

VECOPLAN VTH 55/25/5 Drum Chipper, year 2007

Pos. 3 Sharpening shop for saw blades etc.
VOLLMER GPA 10 U Stelliting machine, year 1992

VOLLMER RC 100 Straightening machine for band saw blades, year 2000

VOLLMER CA 200 Sharpening machine for band saw blades, year 2001

IDEAL BLS 320 welding station

VOLLMER VRB I Richtbank für Bandsägeblätter, year 1992

VOLLMER CAS Tandem sharpening machine for band saw blades

VOLLMER CE 20 H Sharpening machine for circular saw blades, year 1992

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