GAUSS Production Line for Aluminium Castings Hungary, 3561 Felsőzsolca

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Item details
Name GAUSS Production Line for Aluminium Castings
Item number 725152
Manufacturer GAUSS
Model / Type unknown
Year of manufacture unknown
Item available from immediately
Item condition
Location Show on map Hungary, 3561 Felsőzsolca
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Costs and benefits
Shipping costs not included
Delivery terms EXW Felsőzsolca, ex foundation, unpackaged
Payment terms 100% payment prior to collection
tax / deposit In case of an export, the tax amount of an invoice is withheld by means of a deposit invoice. The deposit will be refunded to the customer as soon as all export documents have been submitted to us.
Technical details
dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 19,000 x 6,500 x 7,500 mm
weight approx. 35,000 kg
Item description
From liquid aluminium to the finished component in the mould, 5 workplaces, clamping surface moulds 800 x 650 x 70 mm, 4 FRAMA heating crucibles, capacity approx. 600 kg each, incl. magnet-nitron generator, feeding robot on a length of approx. 7000 mm, liquid aluminium is poured into the 4 heating crucibles, the robot receives the signal for feeding at the respective workplaces and conveys the aluminium via a spoon into the respective work areas,
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