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Germany, 82140 Olching

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Item details
Name INDEX G200 CNC Lathe
Item number 642831
Manufacturer INDEX
Model / Type G200
Top lot
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Year of manufacture 2002
Item available from immediately
Item condition
Location Show on map Germany, 82140 Olching
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Item description
Maschine no. 511518

Spindle bores [mm]: 42

Technology: Mainspindle
Speed: 6.300 rpm
Barcapacity: 42 mm
Workpiececlamping: Collet chuck

Technology: Motorspindle
Barcapacity: 42 mm
Workpiececlamping: Collet chuck
Movement in Z: 445 mm
Rapid travers in Z: 22,5 m/min

Toolcarrier I (X/Y/Z):
Technology: Turret with 14 stations
Millingoperations: Tooldrive
Movement in X/Y/Z: 155/120/400 mm
Rapid travers in X/Y/Z: 20/7,5/30 m/min

Toolcarrier II (X/Z):
Technology: Turret with 14 stations
Taper: VDI 25
Millingoperations: Tooldrive
Movement in X/Z: 105/400 mm
Rapid travers in X/Z: 20/30 m/min

Equipment / Accessories:
Chipmanagement: Chip conveyor
Coolingmanagement: Internal cooling pump with High-pressure
Rawmaterialfeed: Barloader
Finished-part-removal: Partcatcher with conveyor belt
Oilmistseparation: Mechanical prepared
Further Equipment: ROTO-Clear

-Machine: 4.200 x 2.100 x 2.300 mm, ca. 5.000 kg
-Chipconveyor: 3.200 x 1.500 x 1.500 mm, ca. 550 kg
-Barloader: 2.000 x 1.800 x 1.600 mm, ca. 450 kg

Further Details according to photos, pdf and Machine plate!
Technical details
turning diameter 200 mm
control Index C200-4
tool taper VDI 25
turning speed range 6.300 rpm
weight approx. 6,000 kg
dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 5,500 x 3,000 x 2,200 mm
Costs and benefits
Auction fee 18%
VAT plus VAT
Delivery terms FCA Olching, loaded on truck
Dismantling & loading costs 950 € (binding)
Shipping costs not included
Payment terms 100% payment prior to collection
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