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  1. What is forging?
  2. Who uses forged products?
  3. Construction of forging machines
  4. What types of forging are possible?
  5. Manufacturers of Forging Machines
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What is forging?

Forging is the forming of metal workpieces using force. A white-glowing workpiece is formed by being placed between two moulds and put under very high pressure using staccato movements. After the workpiece is formed, it is taken away for further processing. The advantages of forging are that it requires minimal amounts of material and it can increase the strength of the workpiece. For this reason, forging is usually just one component of intermediate production.
  • Forming of metal workpieces using force
  • Advantages are that a minimal amount of material is required and there is a strength-increasing effect on the workpiece
  • Forging due to unevenness, mainly on intermediate or unfinished products
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One exception to this is ornamental blacksmithing, where steel rods, bands and tubes can be formed into beautifully forged products. These products, which are commonly used for designing outdoor equipment and products, do not require high levels of accuracy. Additionally, they can normally be used without the need for further processing. The industrial forging process usually includes a machining stage.

Who uses forged products?

Forged products are identified through their large widths and solidity. Hollow products are very hard to produce using the forging process, and therefore other cutting processes are used to produce these products. Typical forging products include shafts, connecting rods, camshafts or tools.
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The disadvantage of the lack of accuracy and precision in workpieces has led this sector of industry to dedicate itself to precision forging. With the appropriate level of effort, products that are ready for installation can be forged. This includes gear teeth, which are now considered a common forging product.

Construction of forging machines

Forging machines are very robust and designed for high loads. They have a similar construction to presses. The negative form of the desired workpiece is placed into a divisible tool. The blank is placed between the white-hot tool halves and then forged into a form using several hard hits. Forging machines are mainly differentiated by their stroke and hammering processes. The processes can be mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically undertaken.

What types of forging are possible?

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In addition to the traditional handwork of ornamental blacksmithing, there is a differentiation between the different forging techniques used in industry: drop forging, upset forging, and precision forging. Drop forging is used for the forming of irregularly formed forged pieces like crankshafts or connecting rods. It is undertaken in a similar way to a press. Upset forging is used to produce accurately shaped bar or tube formed workpieces. The profile is continually guided in between four forging tools, which sit at 90° to one another. Precision forging is independent of the forging process and is only used to ensure that the forged products are dimensionally accurate. Because the process of forging is very similar to pressing, the machines used for both processes are similarly constructed and have similar functions. Just like presses, forging machines can be equipped with hydraulically or pneumatically operated hammers, toggles or eccentric presses, as well as spindle or crank forging presses. The process of forging is very physically demanding, very loud, and due to the use of white-hot workpieces, also very dangerous. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden for untrained workers to undertake this process. Forging is a process that is solely for specialists and qualified workers.

Manufacturers of Forging Machines

Well-known manufacturers of forging machines are BÜHLER, FRECH, HASENCLEVER and KOMATSU.

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