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  1. Gear cutting in industrial production
  2. Areas of application and examples of gear cutting
  3. Brands and manufacturers of gear cutters
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Gear cutting in industrial production

High quality processed gear wheels are used in many branches of industry and economy. Gear wheels can be produced in a variety of ways, with the most common methods being: casting; sintering; pressing; forging; rolling; punching; and cutting processes. Gear wheels can be easily manufactured using hobbing, profile milling, gear shaping, shaving, scraping, profiling, profile grinding, generating grinding, lapping, honing, as well as 5-axes milling and free form milling. These machining processes used for the production of gear wheels provide a high level of precision. Therefore, they are very commonly used in industry.

  • Gears are needed in a large number of sectors
  • Numerous diameter sizes require a monitoring process
  • Commonly used in transmission and drive technology
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A bit later, EDM was also developed as a process that could be used. This is particularly suitable, when hardened workpieces should be processed into gear wheels. Gear wheels are often produced using 5-axes processing centres. Additionally, normal shank cutters can also be used and relied upon for tool profiling. This is particularly suitable for a small-scale series. In order to produce gear wheels using a processing centre, precise 3D-calculation models are necessary. Corresponding software modules for calculations are provided by operating manufacturers.

KAPP Gear cutting in use

Because of the numerous diameter sizes, monitoring processes belong within the gear wheel manufacturing process. Therefore, special gear wheel measuring systems have been developed. A machine tool for gear wheel processing using hobbing is built like a normal milling machine and uses specially profiled milling tools, depending on the internal modular pitch. An indexing head is commonly used for the clamping in of the workpiece, and then to move it into the next position. This process can be automatic and CNC-machines are available.

Areas of application and examples of gear cutting

Gear cutting is widely used in transmission and drive technology. Many components need gear wheels for the transmission or distribution of power. Therefore, gear wheels can be used for the production of individual parts as well as the mass production of components. Fine mechanics also uses a lot of various gear wheels for the steering of processes or products that contain mechanical displays.

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The industrial manufacturing of gears is mainly undertaken in the transmission industry. Here, various forms of gear wheels and toothed shafts are needed. Every construction machine and machine tool contains a lot of gear wheels, in addition to those in the transmission. For example, the feed of screw cutting and bar lathes occurs using a feeding rod attached to a gear wheel. This is also the case for special manufacturing processes, like the cutting of threads for internal and external threads on lathes.

Brands and manufacturers of gear cutters

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of machines for gear cutting. Some of the most recommended suppliers include REISHAUER, LIEBHERR, GLEASON, HÖFLER, MAAG, KLINGELNBERG, OERLIKON, and WMW.

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