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Revolving Transfer Machines

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  1. The revolving transfer machine in industrial production
  2. Areas of application and examples of revolving transfer machines
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of revolving transfer machines
Used revolving transfer machine

The revolving transfer machine in industrial production

The implementation of a revolving transfer machine enables efficient production with high output levels. These innovative machine tools contain an indexing table or a rotary indexing table, upon which the workpiece is clamped in. This makes it possible for workpieces to easily switch from one processing station to another.
  • Switching movement of workpieces from one station to another
  • Possibilities for turning, drilling, milling,punching, spinning and stamping
  • Enables efficient production with high output levels
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The fixed workpiece can be processed at every work station using rotary tools; turning, drilling, milling, punching, stamping and spinning are all possible. The central clamping of equal components and the corresponding movement of the work plate to the next processing station is usually automatic. Modern CNC-control enables a flexible use of this machine. It is one of the fastest types of revolving transfer machine and is cam-operated. The cam-operated revolving transfer machine is ideal for mass production, because of the long time it takes to switch over to other workpieces. CNC-controlled machines are very flexible and work effective for small scale series production.

Used revolving transfer machine
A revolving transfer machine is like a machine tool that is equipped for machining, containing a stable frame. It can hold together all components. The indexing table, or rotary indexing table, can be horizontally or vertically arranged. The power tools are then accordingly positioned.

Areas of application and examples of revolving transfer machines

Revolving transfer machines are particularly suitable in producing high outputs. Every stroke provides a finished workpieces out of the machine. Because of the large number of work stations, the number of pieces that it can produce per minute is enormous in relation to conventional machine tools.

Used revolving transfer machine
Particularly small pieces can be effectively processed using these machines. 12 work stations and 30 different tools are common for the processing of small parts. Thereby, the level of precision is very high. Complete three sided processing of the workpiece with automatic re-clamping is possible with certain models.

Brand names and manufacturers of revolving transfer machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of revolving transfer machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include MIKRON, MENSI, RIELLO MACCHINE TRANSFER, ROLLOMATIC, GNUTTI TRANSFER, BTB, GOZIO, KADIA, WIRTH & GRUFFAT, PFIFFNER, and HYDROMAT.

Used revolving transfer machine
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