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  1. What does a shaping machine do?
  2. What types of shaping machines are available?
  3. Importance of a shaping machine
  4. Providers of shaping machines
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What does a shaping machine do?

A shaping machine is used as a cutting tool for metal workpieces. It switches constantly between a working stroke and an idle stroke, and just like a planing machine, it works horizontally. Shaping machines are comprised of a carbide metal tool, upon which the workpiece, which is guided by a carriage, is mounted. The workpiece is securely fixed onto the shaping machine, after which a manually adjusted chisel is used. Shaping machines are not programmed, but require expert handling and constant supervision. They are particularly suitable for working with flat and very precise surfaces and for processing the interior of a hollow profile. A common usage for shaping machines is the creation of internal toothing.

What types of shaping machines are available?

  • A shaping machine is used as a cutting tool for metal workpieces
  • They can differ significantly in terms of dimensions
  • The basic principle of a shaping machine is the same for all available designs
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized The basic principle of a shaping machine is the same for all available designs, but they can differ significantly in terms of dimensions. There are shaping machines that only work with work pieces that are less than a few centimetres in size. There are also shaping machines that work with workpieces the size of several metres.

Importance of a shaping machine

Shaping machines were widely used in the 1970s. Since then their role has been taken over by CNC milling machines. This means that there are a lot of used machines available on the market. There is a large amount of shaping machines available that still haven't reached the end of their working life. They are too inefficient for mass production because they need to move in both directions. The impact of this movement can be minimised by choosing the right shaping machine, out of the large choice available. Used shaping machine 02 As a result they have, despite their outdated construction, a high amount of flexibility and are able to process workpieces with complex structures. They are specifically suited for the manufacturing of internal toothing. Shaping machines offer wide-ranging and significant advantages: the large range of machines available at very low prices means that they are flexible and efficient. This is particularly true when used to work on prototypes, reparations, maintenance work or for the manufacturing of spare parts. Their affordability means that they are a sensible supplement and can easily replace CNC-machines in a machine workshop. However, they cannot be compared to their expensive alternatives, the modern CNC-milling machines. Hard metal chisels are very detailed and inexpensive work tools. Work with a shaping machine is very quiet, as they are enclosed. As their importance diminishes in industrial settings, they are very cheaply available on the used market, which means they are also appealing for hobbyists.

Providers of shaping machines

Shaping machines are no longer produced. The available machines are usually around 20 years old, but this doesn't have negative effect on their quality. The most well-known providers of shaping machines are: DEMM, KLOPP, WOTAN, ERDMANN, RAVENSBURG and TOS.

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