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Vertical Machining Centres

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MATEC 30 SH Vertical Machining Centre
on request
MATEC 30 SD Vertical Machining Centre
on request
MIKRON VCP 600 Vertical Machining Centre
0 Bids
22,000 €
MAXIMART V-8 B High-Speed Vertical Machining Center (HSC)
49 Bids
19,500 €
HARTFORD VMC 1020 S Vertical Machining Center
43 Bids
15,500 €
ALZMETALL BAZ 35 4-Axis Vertical Machining Centre
0 Bids
15,000 €
HURCO BMC 30 / M Vertical Machining Centre
on request
ALZMETALL BAZ 15 3-Axis Vertical Machining Centre
0 Bids
11,000 €
MATRA VMC - 850 A Vertical 3-Axis Machining Centre
20 Bids
7,750 €
MORI SEIKI SV500 CNC Vertical Machining Center
Zona Industria…
1 Bid
7,000 €
DECKEL MAHO DMC 100V hi-dyn Vertical Machining Centre
5 Bids
6,900 €
CINCINNATI MILACRON SABRE 500 Vertical 3-Axis Machining Centre
16 Bids
6,850 €
KORRADI VH 650 - CNC Vertical Machining Centre
0 Bids
5,000 €
ALZMETALL AC 28 CNC Vertical Machining Centre
Laasdorf / Jena
on request
STAMA MC 110 Vertical 3-Axis Machining Centre
4 Bids
2,700 €
STAMA MC 110 Vertical 3-Axis Machining Centre
0 Bids
2,000 €
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Used Vertical Machining Centres (VMC Machines) for Sale at Surplex


  1. Explanation of the term "vertical machining centre (VMC)"
  2. Composition of a vertical machining centre
  3. Working with a vertical machining centre
  4. Suppliers of vertical machining centres
Used vertical machining centre - working area

Explanation of the term "vertical machining centre (VMC)"

A vertical machining centre (or just VMC machine) is a cutting tool for metalworking. It differentiates itself from a latheor milling machinebecause its tools are automatically operated. The only human intervention required is for loading and unloading. The vertical machining centers work following a programme, which is adjusted according to the shape of the workpiece. Thereby, the individual machining centresare differentiated according to their complexity.
  • Metalworking cutting tool
  • Automatic processing of the workpiece
  • Cheap to acquire and fast processing time
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A CNC vertical machining centre can process a workpiece for any desired outcome. If high numbers of simple structured workpieces need to be processed, it makes sense to think of an alternative method because this would be too expensive. A vertical machining centre only processes the workpieces vertically. This means that they are more affordable and they process the workpieces faster than a 5-axis milling machine would. They are more robust, because they have fewer movable parts. Affordability, quick processing and their robust construction mean that the price for the individual workpieces fall, and the wear and tear on the machine is lower.

HAAS Vertical machining centre in use

Composition of a vertical machining centre

A VMC machine works with a spindle and a mobile panel, which is where the workpiece is clamped in. The workpiece is guided towards the spindle by the mobile support panel. The spindle can only move in the Z-direction (vertically). Movement in the X and Y axis is undertaken by the panel. This is used to produce workpieces with simple structures; complex structures cannot be produced using a vertical machining centre. Because the spindle is as robust as that of a 5-axis milling machine, the wear and tear on a vertical machining centre is lower.

Working with a vertical machining centre

Negligent handling of a vertical machining centre can quickly lead to expensive damages. The operator needs to be able to write and interpret a CNC programme correctly, in order to be able to intervene when it does not run to plan. For example, if the workpiece is being brought towards the spindle at the wrong speed, this could cause damages to all the components.
Detail of a used vertical machining centre
The operator requires training as a cutting machining operator so he is able to switch the milling tools. There is a high risk of injury associated with the switching of tools, some of which can be as sharp as razors. Therefore it is important that the operator of the VMC machine is a qualified member of staff. Trained cutting machine operators know how to correctly clean a vertical machining centre and what to peripherally look out for.

Suppliers of vertical machining centres

Vertical machining centres are a type of special metal processing machine. There are a lot used vertical machining centers offered at a good price. Recommended suppliers of vertical machining centres include KNUTH, AXA, HITACHI, HERMLE, DECKEL and MIKRON.
Used VMC machines can regularly be found at Surplex. Just take a look at our industrial auctions to find your desired machine.
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