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CHIRON FZ 12 S HIGH SPEED Vertical Machining Centre
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03/05/2017 10:23

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  1. CHIRON GmbH
  2. The History of CHIRON
  3. Products from CHIRON
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: CHIRON
  • Location: Tuttlingen, Germany
  • Turnover: 3,000,000 USD
  • Website:


CHIRON is a machining product manufacturer that deals with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centres including bar machining, wheel machining, dry machining, profile machining and multi-spindle machining. The CNC machines can be pre-programmed, thus they come handy in the production of goods that cannot be made using manual machines. From its inception, CHIRON has been growing at a steady pace, and as the world opens up to further globalization and internationalization, the company can only look forward to greater opportunities. With the products it provides to the manufacturing industry, CHIRON plays a significant role in the manufacturing sector.

The History of CHIRON

CHIRON started off as a surgical instrument manufacturer in Germany in 1921 before it focused on machining centers from the 1940s through to the present day. Having been in the industry for decades, the company portrays exemplary performance in the development of industrial machines and it now provides solutions not only for the medical industry, but also for the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and precision technology sectors.

Products from CHIRON

CHIRON offers a wide range of machining centers, and these come in different series including 08, 12,15,18,24 and 26 series. Once fed with the needed instructions, the machines work with utter precision, reliability and stability thus making them very suitable for high volume applications. CHIRON's CNC machining centers are applied in milling, drilling and cutting wood panels among other uses. The company also provides spare parts and makes upgrades on existing industrial machines in addition to providing telephone support for those who have questions regarding the products. On top of that, it offers production support to make certain that the machine centers are set up as required. Training is also available for firms which need their machine operators and maintenance personnel to be prepared to handle the equipment.

The Company in Numbers

CHIRON began its operations in Germany, but its presence has expanded into other international markets over the years to cater for clients in all regions. The company operates based on an Integrated Management System and focuses on both occupational and environmental safety to ensure that both the workers and the environment are kept out of harm's way.

Used CHIRON Horizontal Machining Centers
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