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CHIRON FZ 12 L Vertical Machining Center
CHIRON FZ 12 L vertical machining center
CHIRON DZ18L Horizontal Machining Center
CHIRON FZ 15 W High Speed CNC Machining Centre

In 1921, CHIRON started out as a respected manufacturer of surgical instruments. By the mid 1950s, the company had developed an international reputation for the production of quality compressors. Today, the name CHIRON is synonymous with super-fast CNC machine tools. The company is known for its innovative approach to design, as well as its constant search for new technologies. CHIRON is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete, turnkey solutions for metalworking operations.

CHIRON is a globally renowned manufacturer of highly sophisticated CNC machine tools and turnkey manufacturing solutions. More than 1,800 employees are now part of the CHIRON family, based in several countries around the world. The company makes a selection of premium machining centres through an extensive serial production system. However, customers can request bespoke features to fulfil specific manufacturing requirements. CHIRON prides itself on its “Made in Germany” ethos, and its three core principles are integrity, appreciation and compliance with the law.

CHIRON specialises in CNC controlled machining centres. There are several products currently offered by the company, all of which have been engineered to deliver maximum efficiency and high-speed processing. Among the many tasks carried out by CHIRON CNC machines are reaming, milling, turning, drilling, tapping, sawing and countersinking. Available with up to four spindles, CHIRON machining centres can serve as an advanced milling tool with all the features of a lathe.

The CHIRON 08 Series

The entry-level range from CHIRON is the FZ 08 series, which delivers high levels of accuracy and productivity through a relatively simple operation. This is a compact machine that doesn’t take up too much room and is relatively easy to set up. Available in single and dual spindle versions, this is a relatively affordable option with a maximum power output of 18kW. There are several options in the range, including the CHIRON FZ 08 S and the FZ 08 W, which comes with a workpiece loading device.

The CHIRON 12 Series

The CHIRON FZ 12 is the next step up from the FZ 08, offering a vertical moving column, a compact installation area, a mineral cast machine bed and water cooling. This advanced, high-speed CNC machining centre has laser control, 3D touch probes, and a direct path measuring system. The CHIRON FZ 12 S is the entry level option in this series, while the FZ 12 W offers all of the same functions along with a workpiece changing device and a larger clamping surface.

The CHIRON 15 and 18 Series

For higher productivity levels and larger workpieces, the CHIRON FZ 18 and 15 series deliver exceptional levels of performance. The FZ 18 series in particular is a machining centre that has it all, including a high processing speed, cutting-edge features and an exceptional level of precision. The modular design of this series ensures manufacturers can achieve the exact set-up required for their production requirements. Some of the optional features available include a fast bucket tool changer and a pick-up tool magazine. The CHIRON FZ 18 W, for instance, has a table loading capacity of 400kg and a workpiece changing device. The entry level option is the FZ 18 S.

The CHIRON 24 Series

The CHIRON FZ 24 series has everything a large-scale manufacturing operation could need from a CNC machining centre. Whether it is being used for individual tasks or for mass-production purposes, this highly capable system offers several configuration options, and all of the models in the series are available with two spindles. The FZ 24 series has a robust rotary axis, precision glass scales, dynamic direct drives and a fully enclosed working area which is protected by stainless steel covers.

The CHIRON Mill Series

The CHIRON Mill series delivers a very high level of CNC milling performance. Capable of delivering up to 75kW of processing power and a spindle speed of up to 20,000 rpm, this series of machining centres can cope with the demands of a large scale metalworking operation with relative ease. The CHIRON Mill 800 is the entry level option, while one of the most popular models in the series is the CHIRON Mill 2000, which comes with automatic tool changing as standard.

CHIRON has pioneered a principle of machine tool engineering known as “seconds ahead”. This is an ethos of continual research and development in order to give manufacturers the latest technologies, efficiencies and features before any other manufacturer. The scientists and engineers at CHIRON are always developing new controls, tools, sensors, automation features and materials in order to cut the cost and time involved in metalworking operations. Among the technologies you should expect to find in a CHIRON milling machine include MT technology, profiling, 5-axis machining, pendulum machining, flexible automation and multi-spindle machining.

CHIRON Turnkey solutions include an overall package of machining tools and complementary systems that helps manufacturers to set up complex production lines with the minimum of effort. As well as the necessary tools, CHIRON offers support and training to ensure production runs as smoothly as possible. Professionals from the company suggest the best tools and configurations based on an assessment of the working environment. Issues such as workpiece quality, production constraints and delivery specifications are taken into account before a solution is designed and implemented.

If you’re looking for a used CHIRON machine for sale, you’ll probably struggle to find the latest models, as they’re highly sought after and built to stand the test of time. However, you should be able to find older, discontinued CHIRON models for around the 3,000€ mark. These advanced machining centres are compact, robust and customizable, which makes them very popular amongst large metalworking operations. You might be able to pick up a reasonably priced CHIRON machining centre by regularly checking online used machinery marketplaces.