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MITUTOYO BRT - 504 Measuring Table
14 Bids
1,600 €
27/11/2018 11:51
Hot lot
MITUTOYO Set of Bore Gauges
19 Bids
390 €
19/11/2018 10:35
Hot lot
MITUTOYO Digital Caliper
18 Bids
270 €
19/11/2018 13:14
3 Bids
240 €
26/11/2018 11:55
Hot lot
MITUTOYO Outside Micrometers
14 Bids
220 €
19/11/2018 11:43
MITUTOYO H4-30 Height Gage Tool
Santovenia de …
0 Bids
200 €
12/12/2018 12:46
MITUTOYO Outside Micrometers
5 Bids
110 €
19/11/2018 10:01
MITUTOYO Height Gauge
1 Bid
80 €
29/11/2018 12:05
MITUTOYO Lot of Precision Outside Micrometers with Dial Gauges
4 Bids
60 €
26/11/2018 13:23

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  1. MITUTOYO Corporation
  2. The History of the Company
  3. Products from MITUTOYO
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: MITUTOYO
  • President: Toru Nakagawa
  • Location: Takatsu-ku,
  • Founded:1934
  • Website:

MITUTOYO Corporation

MITUTOYO is one of the leading manufacturers of precision measuring equipment worldwide. The company now operates in over 100 countries. They offer a vast range of measuring equipment products for sale as well as training, calibration and repair services.

The History of the Company

MITUTOYO was established in 1934 by Yehan Numata in Kawasaki, Japan. Originally it sold just one product; the micrometer. It soon expanded and added other measuring products including callipers and dials. In the 1970s, with the fast development of technology, the company developed larger and more sensitive measuring instruments. Statistical process control (SPC) was also included. Today MITUTOYO offers over 6,000 products. MITUTOYO is a leading company and operates in over 100 countries in Asia, USA, North America and Europe.

Products from MITUTOYO

MITUTOYO provides a range of precise measuring instruments for sale. Small items include callipers, micrometers and gauges. MITUTOYO produces other scientific equipment such as microscopes and probes. As well as small portable measuring tools, MITUTOYO also sells a variety of larger machinery including a variety of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CNC) and Vision Measuring Systems.

As well as selling a variety of products, MITUTOYO also provides a range of services such as training, calibration and repairs. With a commitment to high standards of measuring within the manufacturing industry, MITUTOYO provides an extensive training programme. There are a number of courses available covering areas including basic metrology, calibration and how to use various pieces of measuring equipment. MITUTOYO can also tailor training sessions to specific needs.

MITUTOYO offers calibration services to ensure measuring equipment remains accurate and performs to the highest standards. Two types of calibration services are available; a laboratory based calibration service (where small measuring devices are sent to the central laboratory) and an on-site calibration service (for larger measuring instruments). If any problems occur with measuring instruments, MITUTOYO provides a repair service. Smaller, portable instruments can be sent to the central repair facility. Larger measuring instruments can be repaired on-site by a qualified technician. Spare parts can also be purchased for all measuring equipment at MITUTOYO.

The Company in Numbers

The headquarters of the Mitutoyo Corporation are in Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan. The company has a capital of 391 million yen. It has 2,685 domestic employees and 2,369 oversees employees.

Used MITUTOYO Coordinate Measuring Machine
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