Enderezadora de chapa DIMECO R 693 J+

Enderezadora de chapa DIMECO R 693 J+
Enderezadora de chapa DIMECO R 693 J+
Número de artículo
R 693 J+
Auszug_Handbuch.pdf UEbersichtszeichnung.pdf Layout_Richtmaschine_Dimeco.pdf
vídeo 1
Año de fabricación
Alemania, 35713 Eschenburg-Wissenbach
Gastos de desmontaje y carga (obligatorio)
2.900,00 €
Gastos de transporte
no incluidos
Condiciones de entrega
FCA Eschenburg-Wissenbach, cargado en camión
Condiciones de pago
100% previo cobro
anchura del plato
1.650 mm
Grosor de Chapa
2,5 mm
Velocidad de Enderezado
17,3 m/min
Diámetro del rodillo enderezador
60 mm
Peso aprox.
23.000 kg
Dimensiones en planta aprox. (l x w x h)
3.100 x 3.250 x 2.755 mm
.DIMECO R 693 J+ sheet metal straightening machine y.o.m 2020!

- Number of straightening rollers 17
- Number of pull rollers 2
- Pull rollers diameter 180 mm
- Number of support rollers 147
- Largest roller distance 200 mm

The machine is equipped with:

- Control cabinet with drive outlets for height adjustment on the inlet/outlet side of the straightening cassette as well as for the two main drives connected in parallel
- Hydraulic unit for the hydr. Movements of the infeed table and the delivery of the infeed driver
- Support rollers firmly installed at the top and bottom
- Documentation, digital only!
- Additional, unused straightening roll cassettes with 17 straightening rolls and intermediate rolls at the top and bottom.

The machine was until lately integrated into a fully automatic punching line, therefore it is necessary to complete the control system. There is already an offer - from the original system integrator - for a control panel with a 12" touch panel Siemens Comfort, emergency stop safety circuit and direct and delayed shutdown. The costs including the creation of a circuit diagram and the control software cost approx. EUR 20,000. Thus, an operation as a stand-alone machine or integrated operation in a line is possible.

The a.m. budget price does not include the safety door control/monitoring, electrical cabling, declaration of conformity and software adjustments. Integration in a line should be able to be offered according to specification.

Packages dimensions and weights:

- Straightener, weight approx. 19000 kg, dimensions approx. 2359 x 3250 x 2755 mm
- Gearbox, weight approx. 3500 kg, dimensions 1500 x 940 x 2549 mm
- Control cabinet approx. 800 x 530 x 2250 mm
- Hydraulic unit approx. 1200 x 600 x 1200 mm
- Additional straightening cassette as a spare part approx. 2300 x 1200 x 330 mm
- Lot of cardan shafts as spare parts approx. 800 x 1200 x 300 mm

Collection is no earlier possible than mid of December 2023 or beginning of 2024 - and only upon agreement with us!

Further technical data and information can be found in the attached PDF files and our machine video.

We would like to point out that not all safety devices are included in the scope of delivery and a CE declaration of conformity must be issued if the machine has been completed accordingly and complies with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Please note our last item picture with an excerpt from the documentation for the declaration of incorporation of the incomplete machine! Mostrar traducción
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Enderezadora de chapa DIMECO R 693 J+
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