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STILL RX 50 - 15 Sähkötrukki
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LINDE E 15 Electric 3 Wheel Forklift
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OM XE15 3 Sähkötrukki

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huutokauppamaksu   15%
ALV   *sekä ALV
Kuljetuskustannukset   ei sisälly

Koneen yksityiskohdat

Nimi   OM XE15 3 Sähkötrukki
Kone nro   163619
Valmistaja   OM
Malli / tyyppi   XE15 3
Valmistusvuosi   2007
Kone saatavilla alkaen   immediately
Koneen laatu   toimiva
Koneen sijainti   Italia

Tekniset tiedot

kuormitettavuus   1,5 t
nostomasto   triplex
nostokorkeus   5220 m
trukin haarukan pituus   1200 m
kokonaiskorkeus   2260 m
käyttötunteja   3948 h
akku ja laturi saatavilla   ja / yes


The OM XE 15-3 Electric Forklift

]Electric forklifts are extremely useful in conditions where energy efficiency needs to be at its peak and the noise and exhaust emissions to be under control. OM's expertise in designing and manufacturing lift trucks is well known and they have proved themselves to be pioneers in this business since their inception in 1951. OM XE15-3 Electric Forklift is another one of the many superior products of the company. OM XE15-3 is a three wheel counterbalanced forklift. Prospective buyers will find the used forklift in a prim condition as much as it is affordable.


It is having a load capacity of 1,500 kg and the fork length is 1100 mm. The overall height of this used forklift is 2260 mm. It is fitted with 48 V battery and the appropriate charger is also provided with. Inside the cockpit all the necessary information, such as, speed, battery charge indication and other diagnostics data are displayed on a LCD panel. Duplex mast is also available with the machine. Purchasing used forklifts are not only budget-friendly ways of running a logistics business but also opportunity of testing the actual product before deciding on buying a new one.
Besides, the reduction of noise and harmful emissions, electrically powered forklifts help in lowering the maintenance costs. These forklifts are generally not fitted with radiators (unless hybrid), emission control system etc and expenditure on fuel and coolant are eliminated. Low centre of gravity allows greater stability during higher lifts. Turning radius is generally better in electric forklifts than in other types. The XE15-3 is fitted with wet oil disk brakes that assist in powerful regenerative braking. The forklifts retain their course even under braking on uneven floors. Absence of fuel cylinders gives a good visibility of the rearend.
Buying used forklifts significantly affects the cost factor which is otherwise higher in electrically powered machines than diesel ones. It is necessary to remember that the batteries should be fully charged before the forklifts are in use. In multi-shift operations spare batteries would be required to prevent any interruption of the work. The 'Intrinsic Safety Program' of OM XE15-3 is aimed at assuring maximum safety under any working condition.