Macchina di rivestimento GIARDINA DUALTECH 420 DB DRY

Macchina di rivestimento GIARDINA DUALTECH 420 DB DRY
Numero articolo
Modello / Tipo
Anno di produzione
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Stato dell'articolo
Germania, 87647 Kraftisried
Costi di smontaggio e carico (obbligatorio)
1.450,00 €
Costi di trasporto
non incluso
Termini di consegna
FCA Kraftisried, caricato su camion
Termini di pagamento
pagamento 100% prima della consegna
larghezza di lavoro
1.300 mm
altezza passaggio
100 mm
motore principale
28,0 kW
dimensioni (lungh.x largh. x alt.) ca.
13.500 x 2.400 x 2.400 mm
peso ca.
5.000 kg
GIARDINA DUALTECH 420 DB DRY Roller Application Machine
with synthetic-coated, 2,000 mm wide conveyor belt

and a working width of 1,300 mm

Material recovery GREEN BELT

Infeed roller conveyor with a working width of 1,300 mm, length 1,220 mm
  •     Roller transport, driven rollers with suction device at the bottom.
  •     Workpiece blow-out, rotating blow-out, time-controlled
  •     Outfeed transport- hinged
  •     Lexan cover, hinged at the discharge, cover of the green belt zone
  •     Powered roller transport, PVC coated rollers.

The linear slides are dust-sealed and are maintained via a few central lubrication points.
  • Modern software controls the acceleration as well as the deceleration and is adjustable from 0-120 m/min.
  • Central lubrication with programmable intervals via PIN
  • On-site: four (4) guns per STÄUBLI beam, are taken over from the existing system. Preparation of the existing exchangeable plates for your guns.
Display HMI with 7" touch screen

- Programme parameters and fixed data
- Production statistics
- Memory of the painting programmes
- Fault diagnosis
- Teleservice adapter prepared via customer PC

Technical features DUALTECH 416 DB DRY

max. working width 1,300 mm
min. workpiece length 350 mm
max. material thickness 100 mm
Adjustable feed speed 2 - 5 m/min
motor power reciprocator (linear axis) 4.0 kW
one (1) frequency-controlled servo motor 0 - 120 m/min
Adjustable oscillation speed of the linear axes
(reciprocator) / two (2) linear axes

Dimensions of supply air connection (from AHU fresh air) mm according to layout
Supply air volume spray room 12,000 m³/h
Fan power supply air (supply air/exhaust air AHU) 2 x 1.5 kW
Dimensions exhaust air connection (to AHU exhaust air) mm acc. to layout

Exhaust air volume12,000 (-) m³/h
Fan power extract air (supply air/exhaust air AHU) 7.5 kW
Motor power inlet transport 0.37 kW
Motor power outlet transport 0.37 kW

Total installed power 28.0 kW


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