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14.12.22 14:01
Zatvaranje aukcije
22.000 €
Početna cijena
oprema za radionicu GEBHARDT
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01/ 2023
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približne dimenzije ( d x š x v )
120.000 x 30.000 x 3.000 mm
Približna masa
27.500 kg
fuly automatic conveying and sorting line for transport of workpieces on carrier plates in the assembling and shipment department.

general information:

consisting of two driven roller conveyors (each approx. 95 Metres) with 7 respectively 5 insertion gateways, optical control of dimensions, chain conveyor for ejection of carrier plates, cross carrier system with transfer to 16 different distribution tracks.

Manufacturer: Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH

year: 2014

Max. dimensions of workpiece (LxWxH) approx.: 3.000 x 2.000 x 2.500 mm

Max. weight of workpiece incl. carrier plate approx.: 550 kg

flow rate / capacity of eac line approx.: 35 THM/h

conveying speed: 0,2 m/s

type of current: Three-phase A.C.

Voltage: 400V

Frequency: 50Hz

connected load approx.: 30kW

Max. pre-fuse: 100A

operating pressure: max. 8bar

Scope of delivery:

all driven roller conveyors, chain-stroke converters, chain conveyors, cross carriers, optical control curtains, distribution tracks, safety fences and complete safety and control equipment.

functional description:

the line is consiting of two independently driven roller conveyors with a length of approx. 95 mtrs. each. On the on line there are 7 insertion gateways and on the other line 5 insertion gateways. These gateways are designed to insert the workpieces (placed on carrier plates) into the roller conveyor which is conveying in main flow direction. During the insertion process an optical contour-control is carried out at each gateway to avoid a transport of workpieces that are out of the maximum dimensions.

At the end of each line a cain conveyor is able to eject the carrier plates off the main flow direction. If the transport of the carrier plate should be continued, a cross carrier system is transferring it to one of the 16 distribution tracks (8 pcs. on each side). Each distribution track starts with a 2 mtrs. driven roller conveyor. 2 of them have an 13 mtrs. roller conveyor.

The entire line is controlled by a Siemens SPS S7-300 control system with one main switch cabinet, one distributive switch cabinet and 2 teach panels.

description of the single components:
  • driven roller conveyors, used as main conveying tracks from insertion gateway to cross carrier system.

o dimensions: various lengths (max. 2.5 mtrs), total with 1.890 mm, height 250mm

o weight: 80 kg/m

o conveying width: 1.460mm

o conveying height: 250mm

o grid of rolls: 214mm

o conveying speed: 0,2 m/s

  • cahin stroke converters (insertion gateways) for insert or eject into / off the roller conveyor track

o dimensions:length: 4.250mm, width: 2.950mm, height: 250mm

o distance between chains: 2 x 862,5mm = 1.725mm

o conveying length: 4.150mm

o conveying width of chain conveyor: 1.725mm

o conveying width of roller conveyor: 1.460mm

o conveying height: 250mm

o conveying speed: 0,2 m/s

o stroke: 35mm

  • cahin conveyors to eject the carrier plates from the roller conveyors. These are located in front of the cross carrier system

o dimensions:length: 2.250 / 4.300 mm, width: 1.790mm, height: 250mm

o weight approx. 80 kg/m

o conveying width: 1.725 mm

o conveying height: 250mm

o conveying speed: 0,2 m/s

  • cross carrier system located in front of the distribution tracks and at the end of each conveying system. They are handing the carrier plates over to one of the 16 distribution tracks.

o dimensions: length: 3.000mm, width: 2.893mm, height: 250mm

o weight: 1.105kg

o rail width: 1.700mm

o total travel way: 11.165mm

o travelling speed: 0,4 m/s

o no. of stops: 16 (2 x 8)

  • contour control system. In front of the cross carrier system an optical contour control is carried out (lenght/width/height) to avoid colissions during the cross transport and to choose one of the distribution tracks for the carrier plates.
  • distribution tracks. consisting of 16 single driven roller conveyors. 2 of them with a length of approx. 13 metres and 14 with a length of 2 metres. They are taking over the carrier plates from the cross carrier. The alone-standing standard roller conveyors (not driven) are not part of the delivery! 

safety installations:

the dangerous areas of the entire plant are equipeed with several safety installations. The entrance of each line is equipped with satey mats for an immediate stop of the line when stepping on them. Light curtians are installed at each insertion gateway. Furthermore 2 emergency exits are installed in the western line to ensure an evacuation from the inside area. The whole line is also equipped with safety fences and emergency stop buttons.

sales conditions:

- the conveying system is fully functional and in operation until the end of 2022.

- Inspection possible upon agreement.

- the line can be dismantled from the beginning of January 2023. All dismantling work and     transportation has to be carried out by the buyer.

- the line is sold without any guarantee (as is where is / sold as inspected)

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