Nákladní vozidlo MAN TGS 35.520 8x2-6 BL CH

Nákladní vozidlo MAN TGS 35.520 8x2-6 BL CH
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Nákladní vozidlo MAN TGS 35.520 8x2-6 BL CH
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76,034 €
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Nákladní vozidlo MAN TGS 35.520 8x2-6 BL CH
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Model / typ
TGS 35.520 8x2-6 BL CH
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Rakousko, 1110 Wien
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37,000 kg

Type: TGS 35.520 8x2-6 BL CH
GFZ no. / type variant: L91FAA03
Chassis number: WMA91FZZ3PP230287

New price according to invoice dated 28.07.2023 - € 123,000 net

Prepared for FASSI loading crane F395RA.2.25 xe-dynamic S/N 3951-0116
Article number: 920028

▷ MAN/FASSI F395RA.2.25 xe-dynamic Crane: buy used (surplex.com)

Technical weights:

  • Total weight: 37,000 kg
  • Permissible gross train weight: 50,000 kg
  • Front axle load 1: 9,000 kg
  • Front axle load 2: 9,000 kg
  • Rear axle load: 12,000 kg
  • Trailing axle: 8,000 kg

P0AB Compressed air preparation, pneumatically controlled

P0AK Antifreeze, down to -32 °C

P0AY Air intake, behind cab, raised

0P0B6 Oil dipstick and digital oil level indicator Mo

0P0BE Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

0P0BG Brake pad thickness indicator, with brake pad wear warning

P0BI Harmonization of brake pad wear in the train

P0BL Electronic braking system (EBS)

P0BX MAN PriTarder high-performance engine brake with MAN EVBec, steppable

P0C1 Parking brake, pneumatic on front axle(s), additional, exhaustible

P0C3 Speed limiter, adjustable, limiter (engine cut-off)

P0CM Full brake assist

P0D4 Axle ratio, i=4.11

P0DI Differential locks driven rear axle

P0DL Without differential locks front axles

P0DW Single-disc clutch, 430 mm, dry, reinforced (LongLife)

P0ER MAN Idle Speed Driving transmission function

P0FA MAN TipMatic Efficiency driving program, up to 70,000 kg

P0FG Extension MAN TipMatic driving program, up to 90,000 kg, heavy transport

P0G7 Temperature range for vehicle use, moderate

P0K7 Preparation for engine start-stop option, frame end

0P0KA Engine coolant level warning message, with advance warning

P0MU Rim size rear axle, 10-hole 9.00x22.5

P0N4 Rim size trailing axle, 10-hole 11.75x2

0P0NB Rim size front axle, 10-hole 11.75x22.

0P0OA Rim size 2nd front axle, 10-hole 11.75x

0P0OO Rim type rear axle, steel, 1-piece

0P0OT Rim type trailing axle, steel, 1-piece

0P0P0 Rim type front axle, steel, 1-piece

0P0PF Rim type 2nd front axle, steel, 1-piece

0P0PN Wheel nut cover ring, trailing axle

0P0PR Wheel nut cover ring, front axle

0P0Q3 Wheel nut cover ring 2nd front axle

0P0VH Without work platform

0P0WF Main battery switch, mechanical

0P0WO Battery box, left

0P0WR Large battery box, 2 batteries

0P0X6 Without bridge mounting bracket/pusher plate

0P0XE Compressed air connection for body supply

0P0XH Compressed air tank, steel

0P0XT Vehicle rear, straight frame end

0P0Y6 8 mm main frame side member thickness

0P1AM Rear axle mudguard, upper shell removable

0P1AR Rear axle mudguard with removable upper shell

0P1AT Front axle mudguard

0P1B8 Mudguard 2nd front axle, upper shell removable

0P1BH Exhaust silencer, side, right

0P1BL Exhaust floor outlet

0P1BY Alternator, three-phase current 28 V, 110 A, 3,080 W,

0P1FD Underride guard, rear, round

0P1FN Underride guard, front

0P1FQ 2 wheel chocks, with bracket

0P1HN Twin tires on rear axle

0P1HP Single tires on trailing axle

0P1I4 Disc brakes on rear axle

0P1I8 Disc brakes on trailing axle

0P1I9 Disc brakes on front axle

0P1II Disc brakes on 2nd front axle 

0P1IM Trailing axle can be unloaded, starting aid with speed limiter

0P1J6 Air suspension on rear axle, for high shock absorption

0P1J8 Air suspension on trailing axle

0P1JF Leaf suspension on front axle, parabolic, 4-leaf, steel

0P1JT Leaf suspension on 2nd front axle, parabolic, 4-leaf, steel

0P1JV Steering oil reservoir with electrical measuring system

0P1JX Steering ratio, standard

0P1KO Emergency steering pump

0P1KQ Lowering air suspension to buffer, with residual pressure control, automatic

0P1LA Stabilizer, rear axle

0P1LD Stabilizer, front axle

0P1LK Stabilizer, 2nd front axle

0P1LL Stabilizer, trailing axle

0P1LR Shock absorber on rear axle for high suspension

0P1LV Shock absorber on trailing axle

0P1M4 Shock absorber on front axle

0P1ME Shock absorber on 2nd front axle

0P1MR Towing eye, vehicle front, screwable

0P1NK Trailer coupling on rear cross member, ROCKINGER type 500 G 6A

0P1NW 2-line trailer/brake connection, frame end, left, DuoMatic coupling

0P1O0 Without trailer brake connection at frame end

0P1O3 Without semi-trailer brake connection behind cab

0P1O4 Trailer socket for anti-lock braking system (ABS), frame end

0P1OM Trailer socket, frame end, 24 V, 15-pin

0P1RJ Without fifth wheel coupling

0P1SB Tail cross member, with 160 x 100 hole pattern

0P1SD Bumper, plastic

0P1SJ Trailer mouth coupling for turntable trailer, on end cross member, 50 mm towing eye

0P1T2 Traction control system (ASR)

0P1TR Cruise control (FGR cruise control)

0P1U5 Without emergency brake assist

0P1UL Windshield wiper actuation, manual

0P1UW 2 air horns on cab roof

0P1UZ Access, rigid

0P1V2 Automatic circuit breaker

0P1V6 Cab tilting device, manual

0P1V9 Cab mounting, comfort

0P1VD Rear wall of cab, without window

0P1VE Front access, integrated, with retaining option

0P1VP Front radiator guard, grille

0P1VW Lifting roof, mechanical

0P1W5 Mudguard extension

0P1WG Windshield washer system for windshield

0P1WK Sun visor, in front of windshield

0P1WM Door glass, safety glass

0P1WO Door windows, tinted

0P1WR Central locking, with remote control

0P1WW Door extension, driver and front passenger side

0P1X0 Windshield, laminated safety glass (VSG)

0P1XK Splash guard mat on mudguard, rear axle, extended downwards

0P1XO Spray protection mat on mudguard, trailing axle, extended downwards

0P1XS Spray protection mat on mudguard, front axle, extended downwards

0P1Y4 Spray protection mat on mudguard, 2nd front axle, extended downwards

0P1YE Reduction of dust turbulence through cooling

0P1YF Cornering light, H7

0P1YM 2 work lights on cab roof, 1 right and 1 left

0P1Z7 Indicator lights, side, LED

0P1ZF Driving light control, manual

0P1ZN Headlights, H7

0P1ZW Comfort indicator function, can be activated

0P2A5 Preparation for load compartment lighting

0P2AC Headlamp leveling, manual

0P2AD Light function test

0P2AH Fog lights, H7

0P2AQ Rear lights

0P2B3 2 rotating beacons on cab roof, 1 right and 1 left

0P2BD Rotating beacons, LED, amber with function monitoring 
(individual LEDs light up in cascade, all round)

0P2BJ Side marker lights, LED

0P2BP Daytime running lights, LED

0P2BS 2 clearance lights, LED

0P2CA Exterior rear view mirror, electrically adjustable,

0P2CG Curb mirror, right, electrically adjustable, heated

0P2CJ Front mirror, manually adjustable

0P2CN Mirror housing, painted, cab color

0P2CT Vehicle components, suitable for body width greater than 2,400 mm up to 2,600 mm

0P2D1 Preparation for camera, coupled to reverse gear

0P2DF Driver's cab TN: the flexible (narrow, long, normal height)

0P2DQ Door designation, according to commercial tonnage vehicle

0P2E3 L-plate and low-noise certificate (according to KDV 1967)

0P2E7 Engine noise skirts

0P2EC Waste garbage can for center area, rearward

0P2EI Net, left, on side wall 

0P2EO Net, right, on side wall

0P2F0 Net, rear wall of cab

0P2FA 2 pull-out cup holders in instrument panel

0P2FD Front window sunblind, inside, electric

0P2FH Sunblind door side windows, interior, mechanical, driver's side

0P2FJ 4 single DIN shafts, roof edge, front

0P2FM Compressed air connection, cab, with compressed air hose and gun

0P2FO Insert pocket cup, instrument center panel

0P2G2 Interior grab handle above all driver's doors

0P2GD Multifunction steering wheel, height and tilt adjustable

0P2GE Steering wheel, with parking position

0P2GL Mattress, recliner, bottom, 70 mm

0P2GP Cross curtain, behind seats

0P2GX Couch, bottom, with slatted frame

0P2H0 Storage box, rear, left, accessible from outside and inside, 
with preparation for hanging carrycot

0P2H4 Storage box, rear, right, accessible from outside and inside, 
with preparation for hanging tray

0P2HC Pull-out refrigerator and storage box, center area, rear

0P2HJ Drawer, center section of instrument panel

0P2HX 2 sockets, center cab, 12 V and

0P2I6 Moon Grey color ambience for cab interior

0P2I9 Carpet, on engine tunnel

0P2IB Interior door trim, non-washable

0P2IH Cigar lighter

0P2IO Entrance lighting

0P2IR 2 reading lights, 1 on driver's side and 1 on passenger's side

0P2IZ Digital axle load display (ALM) for air-sprung axles, cab

0P2J1 Digital axle load display (ALM) for trailers/semi-trailers, cab

0P2J3 Interface for vehicle data (FMS)

0P2KG Tachograph/tachometer, calibrated

0P2L6 Vehicle documentation in German

0P2LY MAN Advanced 7-inch media system

0P2MI MAN Advanced sound system with subwoofer

0P2MO Connectivity board module

0P2MT Preparation for toll collection system Toll

0P2N2 Without navigation map

0P2NE Smartphone integration

0P2NK Preparation for radio with CB radio antenna on cab roof

0P2NT Air conditioning, Climatronic

0P2NY Electric parking cooler

0P2O2 Auxiliary water heater, 4 kW

0P2OE Driver's seat armrests

0P2OO Passenger seat, unsprung, with storage box

0P2P5 Driver's comfort seat, air suspension, with lumbar support and shoulder adjustment

0P2PQ Seat covers, textile, standard

0P2PX Heated driver's seat

0P2Q6 Storage space, in front passenger seat console

0P2RY 311 Loading platform with crane

0P2TS Design, normal height

0P2TX On-board tools

0P2U9 Chassis

0P2UC Chassis class, heavy

0P2UJ Maximum speed limiter, 90 km/h, electronic, engine cut-off

P2UQ Vehicle type Platform truck and chassis

P2YC Suspension type leaf/air (BL) on front axles and driven rear axles

0P2YE Fire extinguisher, 2 kg, rear area of driver's cab, inside, in vehicle documentation

0P2ZN 4,105 mm main wheelbase

0P3AS Left-hand drive

0P3AZ Registration documentation, national

0P3BH 8x2-6

0P3BR 1,350 mm Wheelbase between rear axle and trailing axle

0P3C1 1,795 mm wheelbase between front axles

0P3CF Reversing alarm, audible, can be switched off, volume adjustable, hazard warning light

0P3CY 1,250 mm rear frame overhang

0P3F3 First-aid kit

0P3F5 Right-hand traffic

0P3F6 Without jack

0P3FF Hazard warning light, with continuous light function

0P3FI Warning triangle

0P3HW Destination country Austria (AT)

0P3JR Vehicle registration, class N3

0P3JT 2 vehicle keys

0P3K0 Steering wheel lock, with electronic immobilizer

P3K9 Control unit for electronically controlled air suspension (VASC)

P3KE MAN EasyControl control panel, 4 functions, can be operated from the outside when the
door is open

P3KG Parking brake control, in instrument panel, electronic parking brake

0P3KI MAN TipMatic control, with steering column lever, manual (DNR selection, shift strategy

P3KV MAN SmartSelect infotainment control with touchpad and direct entry buttons

0P3L3 Instrument cluster, basic km/h




0P4CZ 35 l tank capacity AdBlue tank, right

0P4ED 400 l tank capacity Fuel tank, right

0P4F0 Axle drive for general use

0P4GD Cap for AdBlue tank

0P4GN Fuel tank, right, steel

0P4H5 Fuel tank cap, lockable, for simultaneous locking

0P4HE Cross-section tanks, side, medium

0P4HU AdBlue tank, right, plastic

0P4I2 2 batteries, 12V, 210 Ah, Super Longlife (AGM), maintenance-free, for increased
electrical requirements

0P4RV Power take-off, gearbox-dependent, type NTX/10c, without flange, f=1.15, position approx. 3:30 o'clock

0P4VJ Power take-off, gearbox-dependent, continuous operation

0P4VR Without fan wheel for power take-off, gearbox-dependent

0P4WP Function parameters for power take-off, gearbox-dependent, travel mode

0P4X0 Sector parameterization, general

0P4X9 Power take-off, transmission-dependent, switchable

0P4XP Fuel pre-filter, with oil/water separator, with water sensor, heated (mixing valve)

0P4XQ Seat belt height adjuster, driver's safety lock

0P4XX Engine cooler, normal length

0P4Y4 Air compressor, 1 cylinder, 360 ccm, with spar

0P4Z1 Trailing axle, 9,000 kg, non-driven, straight, steered, liftable

0P4ZF 2nd front axle, 9,200 kg, non-driven, offset, steered, non-liftable

0P4ZP Rear axle, 13,000 kg, HY axle without through drive, straight, non-steered, non-liftable

0P5BV 13,000 kg Spring load capacity rear axle

0P5C4 9,500 kg Suspension capacity front axle

0P5CE 9,000 kg Suspension capacity trailing axle

0P5DF 9,500 kg Spring load capacity 2nd front axle

0P5DV Tachograph, digital, with remote communication (in accordance with DSRC),

0P5EV Front axle, 9,200 kg, non-driven, offset, steered, non-liftable

0P5F4 9000kg permissible load on 2nd front axle Na

0P5G7 11500kg permissible load on rear axle NatZu

0P5I6 7500kg permissible load on trailing axle NatZu

0P5IK 12000kg permissible load on rear axle Tech

0P5JT 8000kg permissible load on trailing axle Tec

0P5KX 9000kg permissible load on front axle NatZu

0P5LR 9000kg permissible load on front axle Tech.

0P5NP 9000kg permissible load on 2nd front axle Te

0P5QM 32000kg permissible load total vertical Nat

0P5U5 Switch for work lights

0P5UQ 37000kg permissible load total vertical Tec

0P5VW MAN TipMatic 12.28 OD


0P6NN LK_TN_4105_1250

0P6WH Construction

0P6X8 Top coat door extension and entry

0P6YB Top coat for driver's cab

0P6YC Chassis top coat

0P6YF Top coat mudguards, behind cab

0P6YL Top coat, rims, steel, color Weißal

0P6YN Top coat bumper, plastic

0P6ZR Triangular control arm

0P7CZ 0/11500/0/7500kg load variant vertical rear axles NatZu, T2=19000

0P7HI 0/12000/0/8000kg Load variant vertical rear axles Tech., T2=20000

0P7MB 0/12000/0/8000kg Load variant vertical rear axles Tech. Plus, T2=20000

0P7PO 9000/9000kg Load variant vertical front axles NatZu, T1=18000

0P7QZ 9000/9000kg Load variant vertical front axles Tech., T1=18000

0P7S3 9000/9000kg Load variant vertical front axles Tech. Plus, T1=18000

0P7T2 9000kg permissible load on 2nd front axle Te

0P7UM 18000kg permissible load on axle group T1 Na

0P7VU 18000kg permissible load on axle group T1 Te

0P7W6 18000kg Permissible load on axle group T1 Te

0P7Y3 20000kg permissible load on axle group T2 Te

0P7YK 19000kg permissible load on axle group T2 Na

0P7ZO 20000kg permissible load on axle group T2 Te

0P8BP 12000kg permissible load on rear axle Tech

0P8CK 8000kg permissible load on trailing axle Tec

0P8EA 9000kg permissible load on front axle Tech.

0P8IF 37000kg permissible load total vertical Tec

0P8L1 Seat belt indicator, 1st row of seats, audible and visual

0P8LL Trade tonnage 35 t

0P8NL Signage in German

0P8PN Ventilation, crankcase, open

0P8SR 24000kg NatZu trailer load

0P8US 24000kg towing capacity Tech. Plus

0P8WT 24000kg towing capacity TechH.

0P8XQ 123kN D-value

0P9A8 With the registered technical towing capacity GG 
the maximum possible gradeability is 7%

0P9CD Horizontal load key 084

0P9EA Vertical load key 111

0P9N4 24000/40000kg Load variant horizontal Zuor

0PAIV 24000/50000kg Load var. hor. alloc. Tech. Plus, D-value=123kN, max. gradient 7%

0PAYP 24000/50000kg load variant horizontal assign. TechH.

0PBIO 40000kg permissible gross train weight NatZu

0PBP4 50000kg permissible gross train weight Tech.

0PBWO 50000kg permissible gross train weight TechH.

0PBZH Driving time monitor (display in instrument cluster)

0PFWA Necessary tire speed index G

0PFXN Trailer package

0PFY0 Comfort shelf below infotainment display

0PFZP Note: With increased GVW, increased driveline wear and reduced service life

0PGBL Parking brake with spring brake on rear axles (incl. VLA/NLA)

0PGBN Engine oil with smooth-running properties

0PGBT Interior styling analogous to color ambience

0PGCL Transmission for increased thrust in driving mode

0PGCN Standby regeneration for catalytic converter, can only be carried out after warning

0PGCU Basic design of the vehicle, all-round


0PGE7 Rear axle tires Goodyear 315/80R22.5 KMAX D G2 drive-near TL

0PGT2 Orientation light, LED, dimmable

0PGT7 Storage compartment, open with 2 USB sockets, 5V, charging only, to the right of the
climate control panel

0PGTA Maximum vehicle noise level, 79 dB in accordance with UN/ECE-R 51.03

0PHA1 Height above cab, unloaded up to 4,000

0PHA6 Central interior light

0PHBE Cab position 640 mm (distance from lower edge of frame to cab floor)

0PHCU Underride guard, lateral, non-folding

0PHCX Note: Difference in rolling circumference HA/VA greater than 2% can lead to noticeable
driveline tension

0PHDP Preparation for crane attachment, on underride guard, rear

0PHIF Fuel filter, heated, for fuels up to purity class 21

0PHN2 Without air suspension control trailer/ semitrailer

0PHN5 Without roadworthiness detection system

0PHN7 Without fifth wheel sensing system

0PHNA without Front Detection

0PHNE Without traffic sign recognition

0PHNV Without Reversing Motion System

0PHPE Interface for data output with body (KSM) and intermediate engine speed (ZDR)
(ZDR), Frontb. FHS and behind FHS

0PHPK Access handles, standard

0PHPM Without preparation EBS-Full control unit

0PINX Electrical preparation for keypad, body control unit

0PITB Trailing axle tires Goodyear 385/65R22.5 KMAX S GEN-2 HL steering-near TL

0PITX Tires front axle Goodyear 385/65R22,5 KMAX S GEN-2 HL steering-near TL

0PIUJ Tires 2nd front axle Goodyear 385/65R22.5 KMAX S GEN-2 HL Steering-near TL

0PIW9 Fuel pre-filter position on battery box


0PJPC Regulation (EC) 595/2009, EuroVIe (emissions from heavy commercial vehicles)

0PJQA Work lights, LED, white

0PJRO Without rotating beacons at the rear of the vehicle

0PJRS Without storage tray next to seat

0PJRV Without notice (wear on drive shaft)

0PJT1 Without Individual Lion package

0PJTD Special Request paint finish

0PKA0 Without distance warning system

0PKAW Vehicle classification according to VO(EU) 2018/85

0PKEG MAN D2676 LFAX diesel engine, 382 kW (520 hp) output, 
2,650 Nm torque, Euro 6e

0PKNF Without interior lighting package

0PKWU Without light and headlight package

0PKWV Without mirror package

0PKXA Without accessories and tools package

0PKXS Without storage and stowage space package

0PKXT Without package Driver's workstation, comfort

0PKXU Without package Passenger seats

0PKXV Without package Driver's seats

0T0DF Truck type 91F

AT032 RT032

ATA01 Transport factory to sales

ATB02 MAN original seat cover

ATB03 2 rubber mats CC, NN, TN, TM,

ATB15 EDC programming

ATB19 Driver's jacket

ATB21 One transfer up to a maximum of 100 km by external parties not discountable

ATFUE Vehicle handover/instruction

ATORB without tire/tire confirmation

ATSV1 Service contract concluded

ATW09 2 window wind deflectors

ATW70 Retrofit camera at the bottom rear (MMT preparation available)

ATZ00 Delivery service incl. environmental sticker

ATZ08 First service / Profi-Check III

ATZ11 Vehicle handover from the forwarding agent

ATZ13 Vehicle folder with jacket voucher

ATZ30 Tacho check and report

ATZ31 Cleaning

LQA46 Mudguards behind cab acrylic

LQA48 PU/SMC bumper and front apron acrylic

LQA49 Door extension and entrances acrylic

LQN03 Standard cab

LQW01 Chassis water-based paint


LVS03 Driver's cab PURE WHITE RAL 9010

LVS46 Mudguards behind cab PURE WHITE RAL

LVS48 PU/SMC bumper and front apron PURE WHITE

LVS49 Door extension and entrances PURE WHITE

ZLA03 Front clearance between steering axlesX

ZLA04 Crane cabling, speed increase, cabling, oil cooler, crane commissioningX

ZLA06 2 flashers in front mask/ 2 flashers at rearX

ZLA07 Swivel light wiring rear trailerX

ZLA08 Wiring for overwidth warning lightsX

ZLA09 1 switch for miscellaneousX

ZLA10 Wiring for 12 headlights on craneX

ZLA11 4 pcs. Retour headlightsextra switchedX

ZLA12 Wiring for 4 pcs. left/4 pcs. right (8 pcs.) worklights on chassisX

ZLA14 National adaptationX
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