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Help / FAQ

1. Registering

You need to register on our website if you want to participate in one of our auctions, if you want to offer us or request an item, or if you want to use any extras, such as the watchlist.
Registering on our website is free of charge. You will only incur costs once you submit a binding offer and your bid is successful.
Your phone number can be verified manually later. Please contact our customer support: +49 211 4227370.

2. Auctions

You need to factor in an extra 15% premium on top of the hammer price. This interim price is then subject to disassembly and loading costs, depending on the items in question. This will result in the overall total which is then subject to country specific VAT. VAT does not apply for companies from EU member states which have a sales tax ID number and do not buy items in their own country.
In order to bid on our site, you must simply register and accept the special auction conditions prior to taking part in an auction.
If you cannot log into our website, please use our forgotten password service. If you still have problems with logging in, please contact our customer service team:+49 211 – 4227370.
This is possible as long as the item has no bids at the moment. Please contact the responsible contact person.
The bid agent activates automatically for you. Simply enter your maximum bid into the bid field and the system will place bids at the specified increments. Example: the current highest bid is €15,000, the next minimum bid is €16,000 – this uses increments of €1,000 for your bids. If you are willing to spend a maximum of €20,000 on the item, enter €20,000 into the bid field and the bid agent will place your bids for you in €1,000 increments.
In most cases, an invoice will be sent to you by email on the same day as the auction. If an auction lasts for longer than 2 days, your invoice may only be sent on the last day of the auction. Once the invoice has been paid, you will receive from us a collection address and timeframe in which to collect the item. You are responsible for arranging transport; however our staff will gladly recommend a transport company.
You can pay amounts up to 2,000 € via PayPal or by credit card. Once signed-in, you will find your invoices under “My Account” > “My Invoices”. Here is the link in case you would like to pay via PayPal. You will find all bank account data necessary for a transfer on your invoice. You can add your credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) to make payments as well under “Payment methods” in your profile. Online payment is not currently possible for articles from France, Switzerland and Spain.
In case of an export, the tax amount of an invoice is withheld by means of a deposit invoice. The deposit will be refunded to the customer as soon as all export documents have been submitted to us.
This applies to the sale of machinery from following countries:
Poland, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Croatia, Sweden, Slovenia
Invoices with item location Austria & UK are always provided with deposit. The location of taxation is determined by the location of delivery (transfer of the power of disposition). Therefore, the deposit can only be refunded if Surplex takes over the delivery to the buyer/recipient.

The buyer charges Surplex with the transport/shipping Transfer of the power of disposition

We take over the shipment and provide the invoice without VAT as soon as we received the original signed and stamped CMR document from you by post.
-within 90 days after the Invoicedate-
(Precondition is a valid VAT number for european comapanies)

The buyer organizes the transport/shipping Transfer of the power of disposition

You organize the shipment by your own, we have to take over the VAT payment to the UK authority and therefore provide the invoice including VAT. (means we will keep the on the invoice mentioned deposit)

The collection timeframe is generally stipulated in the special auction conditions or in the item description.
The 15% premium to be paid corresponds to the remuneration owed to Surplex GmbH for their brokerage activities.
Some of our machines cannot be tested by our project managers since they are not in a position to power the device. In cases such as these, we will be unable to guarantee the functionality of the item.
If the reserve price of an article is not reached during the auction, one of our staff will get into contact with you.
White thumbs up on a green background: this item has a great price-performance ratio.
White flame on a red background: this item has a very strong demand (more than 10 bids).
White percent sign on a green background: this item is especially cheap.

3. Transportation

You are responsible for arranging transportation. Our staff can recommend a suitable shipping company.
For auction articles located in Germany you can use our transportation costs calculator.
Unfortunately, for ecological reasons we cannot consolidate items from different locations. The different locations have unequal pick up periods. This means that during this specific time period the items need to be collected at their particular locations.
The collection timeframe is stated in the special auction conditions which vary depending on the particular auction. Items can only be collected following prior consultation.
Our staff will gladly recommend a shipping company which can transport your articles.
Free-on-truck generally means that you will be required to pay a fixed sum for your items to be loaded onto the truck you have organised.
Articles which weigh up to 30kg can be sent by post. You are responsible for postage costs. It is also generally possible to send items up to 70kg in weight and smaller than 1.20 metres by UPS or Fedex. This needs to be checked in every single case.
CMR is required when transporting goods by road across national boundaries.

4. Selling

You can offer your machines by sending an email with photographs and technical data to A member of our team will contact you shortly afterwards.
One-stop shopping. Whether seller or buyer, Surplex takes care of professional dismantling, invoicing process, customs inspection, document composition and timely processing. And in more than 20 languages!

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