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  1. What is a welding positioner?
  2. What is the structure of a welding positioner?
  3. What can a welding positioner be used for?
  4. Who is able to use a welding positioner?
  5. Suppliers of welding positioners
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What is a welding positioner?

A welding positioner is an industrial device that can be used for holding an item in place while a welding operation takes place. Available in twotier or three-tier models, the item can rotate rounded and tubular items such as pipes to allow the welder to work at a constantly level surface.

What is the structure of a welding positioner?

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A well known quality item such as the KIEHNE welding positioner is comprised of a clamping width of over 8000mm. This can allow a welder highly accurate work on large scale-industrial items with curved edges and repeated shapes. The KIEHNE and other larger welding positioners are able to hold up to 25,000 kg of weight. The speed range can go up to 0-0.5 mm/rpm.

KIEHNE Welding positioner in operation

What can a welding positioner be used for?

Welding positioners can offer a diverse range of uses. These can vary depending on the extent of the working activity. Pipe spooling and the effective positioning of large and awkward items such as vehicle chassis can all be brought into alignment with a dedicated device. Ideally suited to heavy industry work, such as in the field of the automotive industry, a welding positioner can be used by anyone wishing to increase the accuracy and time spent on a project. Just like in woodworking, lathes and milling machines are used to shape blocks into the desired form.

Who is able to use a welding positioner?

Small business owners or workers on personal projects such as creating spare machine items can also find the versatility of welding positioners indispensable. It should be noted, however, that this form of industrial appliance is a heavy duty operation and should only be used by qualified personnel.

The sheer size and power of many of the available items could cause severe damage to a worker or their equipment if used without due skill and precision.

Suppliers of welding positioners

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Taking these factors fully into account, welding positiners of a variety of size and brand are available now. These perfectly devised devices can represent a sound investment for all operators on large-scale industrial projects. Suppliers dealing in welding positioners include a number of items from respected manufacturers such as KIEHNE, BONTEMPI and SOYER.

Used Welding Positioner
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