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EMCO MAXIMAT V 13 Centre Lathe
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EMCO BS 3 Vertical Roller Band Saw
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EMCO Group - Used machinery at Surplex


  1. EMCO Group
  2. The History of EMCO
  3. Products from EMCO
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: EMCO
  • Sector: Machine Tools For Industry
  • Location: Salzburg Austria
  • Founded:1947
  • Website:

EMCO Group

EMCO is an Austrian based company that specialises in manufacturing efficient industrial machine tools. T he aim of the company is to produce machine tools that perform individual, basic tasks to an exemplary standard.

The History of EMCO

Founded in 1947, the EMCO company originally manufactured traditional lathes. It is now a leading European producer of specialist machine tools and has plants in Austria, Germany and Italy. EMCO is amalgamated with Kuhn Holding GmbH, in Salzburg. The associated companies are innovative milling and turning experts. Their lathes are highly specialised, hi-tech machine tools.

Products from EMCO

EMCO manufactures a variety of top-quality precision lathes. Their range includes conventional types of lathe where precise work needs to be achieved in a small space. The conventional lathe is designed for the production of small, repeat pieces. Larger, wholly automated cycle- controlled machine lathes present an efficient alternative. Lathes EMCOMAT-17 D and EMCOMAT-20 D are designed for use in smaller spaces. These precision lathes produce supremely accurate work. All EMCO lathes have digital displays.

EMCOMAT-14D is a high-volume speed lathe with a ribbed, induction- hardened machine-bed. The main spindle can be set off-centre. The EMCOT has a single tool holder with a clamping claw and a belt drive chuck guard with control switch. Also available for this lathe are a cooling attachment and sliding protection shields.

EMCO has an efficient, expert, problem resolving customer service team. Professional help for machine tool damage is a phone call away. EMCO has 120 plus service outlets around the world with specialist technicians for expert support. A comprehensive range of spare parts are available. EMCO's Educational and training facilities are respected throughout the world.

EMCO employees are highly qualified and skilled in technical advances. They are trained specialists in EMCO products. EMCO offers practical training to users of its machines. These concept machines have up to nine interchangeable control modules that can be incorporated in one machine.

The Company in Numbers

EMCO is a respected manufacturer of industrial turning and milling machines. It was taken over in 2011 by the HOLDING GMBH group, but it still kept its autonomy and previous regulations. The company has production centers in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Used EMCO Lathe
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