Auction 'Machines and Tools for Wood Processing': lot no. 1 GENINI LAR90 Sanding Machine for Turned Workpieces Italy, region Perugia

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Item details
Name GENINI LAR90 Sanding Machine for Turned Workpieces
Item number 720004
Manufacturer GENINI
Model / Type LAR90
attractive price-performance ratio
Year of manufacture 1980
Item available from immediately
Item condition
Location Italy, region Perugia
Item description
Genini automatic sanding machine for sanding turned parts. 

Complete with double hydraulic pre-sanding and copying unit from sample with 2 belt groups 
Complete with second finishing phase with jagged abrasive paper at 3 different grits supported by Nylon brushes complete with 3 brush units. 
Complete with automatic tailstock loader and closure + workpiece ejection and unloading. 
Automatic lubrication system 


Automatic operating cycle
Unit movement with hydraulic impulse
Stabilised electrowelded sheet metal basement
Drum with 8 working stations
  • 1. loading
  • 2., 3. pre-sanding (4 passes per piece)
  • 4., 5., 6. finishing sanding
  • 7. unloading
  • 8. idle

Longitudinal pre-sanding carriage with freely adjustable forward and reverse speeds
No. 2 pre-sanding units supporting a rotating sanding belt with independent motorisation, hydraulically copied from a wood sample
Workpiece finishing by means of oscillating sanding unit on two orthogonal planes with freely adjustable oscillation amplitude between 0 and 35 mm at 40 oscillations / 1'.
Finishing sanding unit consisting of 3 rows of brushes supporting jagged sandpaper of different grits
Timer for programming the intervention time of the sanding brushes
Coating of the copier guides and sanding carriage with anti-friction material (turcite)
Centralised forced lubrication
Safety device for accidental opening of transmission compartment
Max. working length 900 mm
Max. working diameter Ø 120 mm, square 90 x 90 mm
Spindle motor 3 HP
Spindle rotation 1600-1950-2300-2800 rpm
Pump motor 2 HP
Oscillating system gear motor 0.35 HP
Grinding motors 2 x 0.75 HP
Technical details
dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 3,600 x 2,200 x 1,600 mm
weight approx. 1,800 kg
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Costs and benefits
Auction fee 18 %
Dismantling & loading costs (binding) 510.00 €
Total Price plus VAT
Shipping costs not included
Delivery terms FCA, loaded on truck
Payment terms 100% payment prior to collection
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Umbria area, Italy
Date Monday, 24/01/2022, from 10:00 to 12:00
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Date Tuesday, 15/02/2022 to
Friday, 18/02/2022, from 08:30 to 16:30
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