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Modern robot cells for grinding, welding, polishing, etc.
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KUKA KR10 R1100 sixx Robotized Cell

For a fully automated and continuous production process, the industry uses robotic welding systems. Many tasks such as welding, bending, folding, dosing, packaging or charging and discharging CNC machines can be accomplished quickly and efficiently with compact cells. The use of robotic welding systems results in low parts costs and optimized revenues. These systems can be used as individual units, as well as a part of complex automation solutions, e.g. in the welding technology. At Surplex you will find modern used robotic welding systems which are worthwhile to reduce investment costs.

Compact systems are implemented throughout industrial robot technology in fully automatic industrial production processes. This allows for components to be processed around the clock. Various processing tasks like welding, bending, edging, trimming, dispensing, packaging, and the loading and unloading of cnc machines can be undertaken by compact machines. These provide complete solutions for the various work processes. Compact systems are based on robot technology and are fully automatic solutions that can be very well incorporated into production and assembly processes.

  • Used for fully automatic production processes
  • Allows for components to be processed 24/7
  • Automatic undertaking of various tasks such as loading, unloading, bending and welding
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The software has transfer points and interfaces, to combine the compact system with upstream and downstream processes. Robot welding cells are often equipped with several industrial robots as an articulated-arm robot. The articulated-arm robots are equipped with arc welding equipment. Positioning devices are used to ensure that the components to be welded are correctly installed and are taken up again. These compact systems are available as individual machines or as components of complex automated solutions. Complex seam geometry can be automatically processed with high-end robot welding cells. Common standardised components found on the market are used for the production of compact systems. An optimal tuning of these components is self-evident.

For the automatic bending of small components, there are compact systems that can work particularly quickly. The advantage means there are minimal component costs, which results in optimal production processes. These system solutions are conceptualised so that there is a minimal set-up time and optimal material flow during the implementation of single solutions for fully automatic processing systems. Compact systems are conceptualised as being compact complete systems. Comfortable programming is now expected. The packaging robot cells are systems that can highly-effectively and quickly package products. Gripper systems and vacuum cleaners are used to meet the requirements and can be programmed in a variety of ways. Compact machines are economical solutions that can rationally and quickly achieve optimal results with both small and large batch sizes.

A high-speed bending cell, for example, provides productivity, flexibility, processing security and efficiency. Even in the smallest spaces, the compact systems can provide solutions, through which quick individual components and effective robot technology can work very economically. A tool clamp can be positioned alongside optimal grippers, which provide free space and save valuable processing time. Thereby, an automatic tool changer is very flexible, even with small batches. Raw pieces and finished components are moved by conveyor belts or robots and are optimally integrated into the process. Sensors control all processes and then transmit the data to the control unit of these compact systems. Innovative process flows allow for particularly resource efficient work and thereby result in optimal results.

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of compact systems. Some of the most recommended suppliers include

  • ATG
  • MTA