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Vertical Turret Lathes

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FRORIEP 6 KZ 2500 Vertical Turret Lathe
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BROADBENT 108 Vertical Lathe
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RICHARDS 72 Vertical Lathe
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Used vertical turret lathe machines for industrial purposes at Surplex


  1. Vertical turret lathes for heavy-duty processing
  2. History and background of the vertical turret lathe
  3. Areas of application and examples of vertical turret lathes
  4. Brands and manufacturers of these machines
Used vertical turret lathe front view

Vertical turret lathes for heavy-duty processing

The vertical turret lathe machine is used for the processing of heavy and large workpieces. These industrial machines characteristically have a large faceplate, upon which the workpiece is clamped. In order to keep the workpiece balanced, it is clamped in the centre. The frame of this machine can either have one or two machine columns. There is a strong crossbeam formed between the two columns, which is used to support one or several tool slides.
  • Processing of large and heavy workpieces
  • Workpieces are clamped onto horizontal faceplates
  • Used to build turbines, motors and generators
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The two column design is very robust and allows for high output torques. This means that up to three independently operated tools can be used simultaneously for the processing of one workpiece. This leads to a shorter processing time, of up to one day per workpiece. Hydrostatic bearings carry the heavy faceplates and can carry a workpiece weighing several tonnes. The operation of the working spindle comes from the machine table. Operation and control panels are usually located next to this big machine.

SCHIESS Vertical turret lathe in use
The slide of the tool carriage and the hydrostatic bearings are centrally lubricated. The very compact and stable composition of this machine means that it is very popular in heavy industry. The vertical turret lathe is often custom-made for special processes.

History and background of the vertical turret lathe

The vertical turret lathe has a long tradition. The requirements of the construction of power station plants, power generators and engines made it necessary to develop a stable machine that can process big and heavy workpieces. Currently, there are a variety of supporting structures that are also available. Automatic measuring of data and CNC-operation are common, and optimise work processes. For example, data (for example, cutting force, surface quality and dimensional accuracy) are continually being monitored.

Areas of application and examples of vertical turret lathes

The cost of investing in a vertical turret lathe is relatively high and therefore, mainly used machines are bought, if they are suitable
Used vertical turret lathe tool unit
for the work to be carried out. New machines can be custom-made to fit specific requirements. These machines are mainly used in the production of turbines, engines, generators and the manufacturing of big propellers and special flanges for industry. For the maintenance of historic cable cars, these machines are also used to restore the large pulleys used for the cables.

Brands and manufacturers of these machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of vertical turret lathes. Some of the most recommended suppliers include GMW, PITTLER, DÖRRIES, CARNAGHI, WALDRICH, TITAN, SCHIESS, SEDIN and TOS.
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Used vertical turret lathe general view
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